10 Tips To Lose Weight Without Tyrannizing

10 Tips To Lose Weight Without Tyrannizing

To lose weight, no need to torture. Diets are not the solution: before you embark on a program or a method, we give you 10 simple tips to find the line. Because true weight loss is played out every day, in your little habits. Here’s how to lose weight, just by taking care of yourself, simply.

10 Tips To Lose Weight Without Tyrannizing

1 / Move smoothly

You have a thousand and one opportunities to move: walk the dog, go shopping… Enjoy! The most important is not necessarily to jog a hour, but to stay active as often as possible. Moving allows you to increase the awareness you have of your body, the sensations it gives you, which will lead you almost automatically, to eat more adequately .

2 / Your main objective: well-being

To lose weight, forget unattainable goals; Choose to lose weight at your own pace, without a whimsical type of “5 kilos in a month”. Take the time, make your weight loss a moment of pleasure by worrying you first of all to do you good, by eating differently.

3 / Do one thing at a time

Concentrate on your plate. Once in front of it, do not do anything else: no television, no smartphone, no tablet or any other screen that could catch your attention. Be entirely up to what you are doing, because by eating carefully you will eat better, taking more pleasure, and quantities that match your appetite.

4 / Take smaller plates

Sometimes the brain needs a little help; By eating in small plates, you will eat less, but you will also feel like eating well, even if the amount was reduced. Plus, by eating less, you’ll be able to better understand the amount of food you really need.

5 / Before going shopping…

Make sure you are not hungry! Because go shopping the empty belly, it is the assurance of buying too much, and buying foods that risk eating you beyond your needs. So, we go shopping after eating, with a list, and we favor the variety before the promotions.

6 / Eat in peace

The office where colleagues go in like a mill, the restaurant where one does not hear one think, the living room where the television pours its flood of bad news … Stop! Make your meals sacred moments where time stops. A moment when you will isolate yourself in peace, to be able to take advantage of this bracket and to please you. Eat in a place suitable for tasting, and if you can not stand the silence, put soft music in the background.

7 / No unnecessary demonization

We can never repeat it enough: there is no good or bad food. Each food brings something to the body, or it would not be a food. The objective is therefore to vary as much as possible his diet. No problem if you eat chips, as long as it is not at all meals and without hunger. Your body needs energy, nutrients and micronutrients, all the benefits of food.

8 / Eat for the first time

At each of your meals, eat as if it were the first time. Taste your food, feel their texture in the mouth, bet on spices to rediscover them, and test new winning combinations: sweet, salty, acid, fresh, spicy … Without being a blue cord, you can quite experience new flavors And discover new pleasures.

9 / Record your progress

We often take the time to blame ourselves for this or that action, but not the other way around. However, it is also important to take the time to congratulate and acknowledge its progress. Note them on a notebook, and from time to time, check it out to see your progress. You will see that over time, this notebook will be your best ally for your weight loss.

10 / Take a step back

Do not focus on the numbers on the scale, it’s a good way to get back to basics: you and your wellness goal. More than a figure to reach, give yourself the means to feel good in your daily life, by listening to yourself and respecting your body. So do not panic if you crack on a chocolate flash: consider that you have eaten and eaten well, and wait until you are hungry again to get back to eating. Remember that you have mechanisms in your body that regulate inputs and work on a weekly basis.


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