24 Hours To Lose Weight

24 Hours To Lose Weight

You can always optimize your time to boost your metabolism, burn calories and lose weight. Here is a 14-point program that will pace your day.

24 Hours To Lose Weight


7:00 am: Alarm clock. Chain with 2 minutes of jumping on the spot or pumps.


7:15 am: Savor two scrambled eggs and a slice of bacon. In 2009, a study revealed that a high-protein breakfast makes you feel nourished and plumb all day. So you’re less inclined to snack.


7:45 am: Do some gym and weight lifting slowly. According to a study by Wayne State University, taking 3 seconds to lift weights can change your metabolism.


9:00 am: Drink a little milk. A diet rich in calcium can increase weight loss, according to a study published in 2007.


10:00 am: Eat a high protein snack like half a turkey sandwich with cheese. In a study by Georgia State University, athletes who took three times a day snacks of about 250 calories were more likely to lose their fat mass and have more energy than those who didn’t take it.


11:00 am: Walk around of the house quickly. A recent study from the Mayo Clinic found that thin people walked an average of 5 km more per day than obese people.


1:00 pm: For lunch, eat a spinach salad with grilled fish and almonds. All these foods contain magnesium.


2:00 pm: If your meeting consists of only one or two people, try to walk while chatting with your diners.


4:00 pm: Drink a glass of iced green tea. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, green tea helps to degrease the body.


5:00 pm: Make a spicy break. According to a study dating back to 2006, spicy foods help burn fat and calories.


7:00 pm: Walk before dinner.


7:30 pm: Have dinner. If you feel that you don’t have eaten enough today, do not worry the evening meal is there for that. Please enjoy a minimum as this will help you to renew this day.


9:30 pm: Take a good book. Put on a soft music as background music and relax. Stress increases the level of cortisol that boosts abdominal fat.


10:30 pm: Turn so you do not wake up too early by the sun. According to a 2008 study, sleep loss affects hormones that burn fat and calm your appetite.

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