5 Tips to Effectively Burn Fat

5 Tips to Effectively Burn Fat

Some good practices to make your body a better burning fat machine.
5 Tips to Effectively Burn Fat

The idea of ​​walking or running for more than 60 minutes can discourage more than one person. However, this type of training has very big advantages, besides the physical benefits, it is also very beneficial on the mind.
You can activate the burning of your fats and achieve to lose weight and tone you in several ways. However, for everyone you will need the will and not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

The secret number 1 is to start gradually so you do not get sick. Nothing serves to upset all your habits if it is to hold them only a week.
However, here are 5 tips to help you be more effective in burning your fats:

Take the time to do an endurance training

To find a result, it is imperative to provide cardio training at least once a week. Running, walking, cycling all this at a comfortable pace to ensure an effort over time (at least an hour) is a great way to make sure your body burns its fat.

As you train, increase your intensity while trying to maintain an intensity of 6 to 10 and a training time of 60 to 90 minutes.

Fractional training

Split work, like HIIT or Tabata, consists of alternating sequences of a few minutes of high intensity exercises, interrupted by recovery times at regular intervals.

The work is divided into two phases: the intensity phase and the recovery phase.
The advantage of this method lies in the burning of fat in post-training. The intensity phase will primarily use glucose and carbohydrates as the main sources of energy. During the recovery phase, your body will more draw its energy by burning your fats.

Depending on your metabolism this type of exercise can allow you to lose up to 1000 kcal per hour. (Against 600 kcal for a classic jogging)
Realize this type of training 2 days a week makes it possible to obtain visible results quickly.

The bodybuilding session

Maintaining lean muscle mass requires more calories than maintaining the fat mass. A bodybuilding session also pushes your body to recover, and therefore to replenish its energy stock. This type of training offers the double advantage of developing your muscle mass while degrading your fat mass even after you have finished your session.

Replenish your reserves

Your diet has a direct effect on the results you will get from your body. Make sure you just have a balance in your intakes of carbohydrates, “healthy” fats and protein every day.

Pay close attention to protein intake within 30 minutes of your workout, especially on your long day of workout.

The Importance of Recovery

During post-training recovery, your body adapts to the requirements you impose on it. If you work hard five days a week, give yourself two days of rest to allow your body to recover and regenerate your muscle glycogen stores.

During this rest phase, be vigilant at the food you will consume. Under no circumstances should the previous day’s efforts be erased at the gym. So respect your daily kcal intake.

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