8 Minutes In Hell To Boost Your Abs

8 Minutes In Hell To Boost Your Abs

Getting abdominals in chocolate bars has always been a priority for the majority of bodybuilding practitioners. It is therefore not surprising that many of the questions of the bodybuilding forum revolve around this subject.

8 Minutes In Hell To Boost Your Abs

We speak in particular of the video 8 minute ABS, which seems to attract many Internet users and to inspire our youtubers. And indeed, the 8 minutes ABS is a complete training for the abdominals.

8 Minute Abs allows you to train your abdominals intensely in a minimum of time. In fact, this video has been around since the 1990s, and it’s the first part of a series of exercise videos that later expanded with an arm release: “8 Minutes Arms” and one for Thighs and glutes: “8 minutes Buns & legs”.

If you run out of time or just want to crack your abdominal strap, the 8 minutes ABS video will fill you. Note that the sequence of exercises agrees that you are a beginner or experienced; it is sufficient to adapt the working rhythm. With the progress, you can accelerate the pace and make sessions even more exhausting.

The exercises of the video!

The sequence consists of 9 exercises, each lasting for 45 seconds.

  • The first exercise is crunch with feet on the ground. As Jamie Brenkus says, the athlete in the video, the lower back must remain glued to the ground and do not shoot with the head but accompany the movement.
  • For the next 45 seconds, we passes to the oblique with the rotational crunch. In my opinion, it is not necessary to move the opposite leg which can remain motionless. Then, always rotational crunch but this time we take care of the other side.
  • The next exercise is crunch while trying to reach the feet with your hands. Note that more legs are stretched, more exercise is harder.
  • Then we go to the reverse crunch, a good exercise for the great straight abdominal. Do not lower your legs too much to avoid stressing your lower back.
  • The next “side crunch” exercise works the oblique. We start by working on the right side and then on the left for the next 45 seconds.
  • Then we make “push throughs”, a variation of the crunch supposed to isolate the top of the abdominals.
  • Exercise following, leg raise for the lower abdominal. To do the exercise, we imagine that we are trying to reach the ceiling with our feet.
  • Back on the oblique with alternating rotation crunch, that is to say that we work both sides at the same time.
  • We finish the session with crunches touching the abdominals with the hands to feel the contraction well.

Is the program perfect?

No, the “8 minutes Abs” is not perfect! It lacks the cladding, this allows to work otherwise the abdominals targeting the deep muscles and the stabilizing muscles. Also, to strengthen the abdominal muscles, we must try to strengthen our abdominals according to our posture.

And that is not enough!

The 8 minutes Abs alone will not give you very dry and drawn abs. If you have a few extra pounds, you will have to lower your fat levels low enough to make the abs appear, and so be on a diet.

The ideal way to lose your belly is to combine bodybuilding with endurance activities. And of course, to follow in parallel an effective diet.

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