8 Tips to Lose Weight This summer

8 Tips to Lose Weight This summer

Summer is the time for relaxation. We lounging in light clothes or even in swimsuit… Why not take advantage of it to lose weight and find the line? Here are some tips for losing weight while remaining zen, without dieting or deprivation, but with pleasure!

8 Tips to Lose Weight This summer

Every morning on awakening, and during your activities of lazing or leisure… meditate!

It is not a question of turning you into a Zen master, remaining hours sitting cross-legged until practicing levitation… Mindfulness meditation consists in being fully in what you are doing in the present moment.
In the morning when you wake up, do not wake up immediately, but listen to the sounds outside (the song of the cicadas, the voices of people already awake…), feel the perfumes, the temperature, the texture of the sheets under your body. Be attentive, without judgment, as well as what you observe, what you say or what you feel. There is no “good sound” or its parasite, there are only sounds, that present themselves to you. Then get up on the right foot!
At any time of the day, lying on your deckchair or on your beach towel, while swimming or hiking in the wilderness, spend a few moments again on consciousness, living fully The present moment, by welcoming your body sensations, pleasant or not, by welcoming your thoughts and emotions, pleasant or unpleasant, always without judgment.
You can also meditate conscientiously when you eat: it is the “mindful eating“, and it works to eat better, eat the necessary and often, thus, lose weight!

Eat only when you are hungry

In summer, you have less time constraints to respect. So respect your rhythm and the sensations of your body! Stand up when you are rested, lie down when you are tired, and eat when you are hungry.
It’s all stupid, but you may realize that your natural rhythm is different from the one your active life imposes on you. Maybe you will skip breakfast, lunch and dinner sooner or later than usual… You are free, there is no rule or principle to be respected! Do not hesitate to note on a notebook the schedules of meals that seem to you the most natural for you.

Appreciate the slowness

After months of hectic life, praise the slowness. The heat of summer and its languor will help you naturally. Eat also slowly, chewing quietly, bite after bite.
It is an excellent trick to lose weight, and that we often forget. By eating more carefully, we eat automatically slower, we are more satisfied and we are satisfied with less!

Enjoy the pleasures of the summer

A good sweet and juicy peach, a deliciously fresh lemon sorbet, iodized flavored seafood, a glass of sparkling rosé… Dive into the heart of your sensations and taste every bite with pleasurewithout guilt, even with Dishes that you have become accustomed to consider as “incartades” (and which, of course, are not).
As soon as your pleasure to taste begins to decline, stop eating. This is a trick to lose weight without deprivation, in fun: you stop eating as soon as your eating pleasure stops!

Eat Differently

Enjoy aperitifs and meals with friends, tapas of the evening in hut as of your solitary picnic on the beach: in conviviality, the pleasure to eat, without doing anything else. Do not check your smartphone, do not read a magazine at the same time, do not watch TV. You will pay more attention to the slowness, the tasting, your satiation.

Heal your morale

Treat yourself, relax by any means you like: stroll, reading, massage… And if you did a digital detox to disentangle worries, immediacy, stressful news?
With better morale, more serenity, the management of your emotions will not necessarily pass by emptying the box of chocolate cakes or the pack of crisps. A furious desire anyway? Eat without scruple to comfort you. Then wait quietly for hunger to come back. So, overall, you will not have eaten beyond your needs.

Renounce transport

Like the detox digitale, you can try a “motor and electric detox”. Take as little as possible the car, bus, subway, prefer walking or cycling. Climb the stairs instead of the elevator. Go to the beach, to the restaurant, on foot, along the coast.
Exercise as soon as you can: the only principle being to make you happy, feel good in your body, better live it.

Appreciate your clothes

Wear clothes that you like and highlight, chosen according to your body shape.
Again, accept yourself as you are, indulge yourself, and enjoy your first pounds already lost. This is a very good tip to motivate you again to reach your balance weight this way, without violence, all smoothly.

Continue these tips and tricks to come back too!

You can keep these good holiday habits to take care of yourself throughout the year.

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