All About Bulletproof Coffee

All About Bulletproof Coffee

Originally from the United States, the “Bulletproof coffee”, is a drink whose recipe is as its name suggests made with coffee. Some people also call it the Diet or “Bulletproof Diet”.

Whatever the name, this butter and oil coffee, which promises to make you lose weight and improve your performance is very controversial in the media, rightly or wrongly this is what we lets go see.

What is bulletproof coffee?

It is yak butter tea discovered during a trip to Tibet that inspired Dave Asprey to invent the famous butter coffee.

So if you think: “Coffee with butter and oil! Fat is bad for health, bulletproof coffee is dangerous. That’s one thing. Second, we talk about butter coffee, but it’s not a classic butter or margarine, the exact recipe is coffee with butter from cows fed with omega 3 and rich oil To medium chain triglyceride (MCT).

For those who would need to review their biochemistry of fatty acids, this type of fat is mostly used by the body for energy purposes and is extremely little stockpiled.

What are these benefits?

First, taking a bulletproof coffee in the morning will prevent some people from eating crap-like corn flakes. Concerning the real benefits of this regime, no scientific study has yet been published but we already know quite a lot about the ingredients that make up it.

MCTs are lipids that enable the accelerated combustion of fats that the body has stored. A study published in 2015 in the journal Biomedical and Environmental Sciences has shown that medium-chain triglycerides stimulate brown adipocytes, a type of adipose tissue that is much richer in mitochondria (energy plant cells) than white adipocytes.

The activation of these brown adipocytes allowing to burn more triglycerides (the fats placed in reserves by the body), it results a decrease of the body fat. To optimize the work of our dear mitochondria, I suggest that you also bring during the day of the carnitine in complement which will facilitate the transport of the fatty acids and thus facilitate their eliminations. Another recognized effect of MCTs, they bring energy quickly as we have seen above.

Concerning the coffee which is the main ingredient, its fat-burning effect thanks to the caffeine it contains is no longer to be demonstrated. Another thing you may not know, coffee is a drink rich in antioxidants. It contains more antioxidant than tea, for example, which is already very famous. Another peculiarity, it will give you a good boost thanks to the energizing properties of caffeine.

The bulletproof coffee therefore has two ingredients that are both natural fat burners and also elements with energizing properties.

What I think of bulletproof coffee

I already think there’s no need for scientific research to show that this drink will help you lose weight. The problem is that in the absence of proteins and / or sugars, you risk also losing muscle mass.

Personally I had tested the intermittent fast by skipping breakfast and yes it allowed me to lose a few pounds: fat but also muscle when I should theoretically have won thanks to the rebound of mTOR.

Good as the intermittent diet does not work on me, I now start the day with something protein (lean meat) and fat (good fats like oilseeds): this is one of the principles of chrononutrition. This type of breakfast allows me to have energy (good lipids) and stop the catabolism initiated at night (proteins) and since there is no sugar, there is no storage And there is even destocking of the fats, because the blood is not sufficiently supplied with glucose.

To get back to the bulletproof coffee, it could be a good way to start the day for us bodybuilding practitioners but in my opinion it would be necessary to add a dose of whey or casein to make it perfect. So start the day with good fats, proteins and a natural booster (caffeine + TDM).

Beware of this type of restrictive diet, it will be necessary to think about eating well the rest of the day, ie as healthily as possible and in the most balanced way to provide the body with the nutrients and micronutrients it needs to Operate optimally. So to forget about foods with empty calories (which brings calories without any micronutrients and thus without interest for health). These include alcohol, chips, sweets and more generally junk food.

My recipe revisited the butter coffee for muscle

The recipe is quite simple, you need:

  • Good coffee
  • Unsalted butter made with grass-fed cow’s milk
  • Coconut oil
  • A powerful blender *
  • A dose of whey or casein
  • Cinnamon if you wish

* Butter and water (coffee) do not mix … easily. If you do not mix it enough, you’ll just have a coffee with an oil mixture on top. So you need a powerful mixer or blender that will force the two liquids to mix and give you a coffee latte finish, with foam on top.

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