Best Sources of Vitamin K

Best Sources of Vitamin K

What foods are rich in vitamin K?

Best Sources of Vitamin k

What is Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin (soluble in fat but not soluble in water) which is heat stable. It is involved in coagulation, bone mineralization , and cell growth. It has anti-inflammatory properties and plays a role in cardiovascular health.
There are two types of vitamin K:
– Vitamin K1 or phylloquinone: it is found mainly in green vegetables.
– Vitamin K2 or menaquinone: it is synthesized in our organism by the intestinal flora, but in insufficient quantity to satisfy the needs of the organism. It is found mainly in dairy products, fermented products and offal.

We recommend a vitamin K intake of 1 μg / kg body weight / d (for adults).

True vitamin K deficiencies are rare in adults. On the other hand, they are frequent in newborns and premature infants. Moderate deficits are rather widespread.

Foods high in vitamin K1

Vitamin K1 is found mainly in green leafy vegetables. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the richest foods (per 100 g):

– Bette or blette raw (830 μg)
– Cooked kale (817 μg)
– Wakame dried (732 μg)
– Raw kale (591 μg)
– Water cress (542 μg)
– Raw spinach (438 μg)
– Soybean oil (290 μg)
– Frozen Brussels sprouts (250 μg)
– Endive (231 μg)

Foods high in vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is mainly found in animal products. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the richest foods (per 100 g):
– Raw goose liver (329 μg)
– Edam (47.5 μg)
– Raw egg yolk (32 μg)
– Salami (9 μg)
– Fermented milk, natural, whole (8 μg)
– Raw beef steak (7 μg)

An example of a menu rich in vitamin K

– Endive salad with a mustard-based vinaigrette, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
– A tartare steak (150 g of finely chopped steak, 1 egg yolk, mustard, chopped onion, capers, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, Tabasco, olive oil, Chopped parsley) with a pan-fried spinach
– 2 kiwis

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