Beyonce’s Secret To Stay Slim: The 22-Day Revolution

Beyonce’s Secret To Stay Slim: The 22-Day Revolution

And if it were enough to become a vegan to (finally) have the silhouette of his dreams? In any case, Beyonce is convinced. From its 35th birthday, the international star advocates the benefits of the 22 days challenge to stay slim and healthy. We explain you everything!

Beyonce's Secret To Stay Slim The 22-Day Revolution

Beyonce, We love him. Between Single Ladies, Run The World and Crazy In Love, our Queen B International is the very incarnation of a free, strong and fulfilling woman! But to keep her silhouette supernatural (even under the microscope, not a gram of fat on her muscular thighs), the American star has a secret: the 22 days challenge.

Small backward. During the winter of 2013, Beyonce had told her fans (and the media) that she was currently testing a new diet recommended by Marco Borges, her sports coach. Its name? The 22-day challenge. The least that can be said is that the singer was convinced: in April 2015, she signed the preface of the book written by the famous Marco Borges. It is called The 22-day revolution, a whole program!

What is this new diet?

The 22-day challenge is a 100% vegan diet. Concretely, for 22 days, only fruits, vegetables, vegetable proteins and seeds – organic and local – are eaten ideally.

Star food: kale, chia seeds or quinoa.

Those that are prohibited: gluten, dairy, meat, eggs, fish, not to mention all industrial processed foods (spreads, prepared meals, sauces in sachets …).

Why does it last 22 days?

According to specialists, 22 days is the time needed to get rid of a bad habit, whether it be tobacco, alcohol … or an unbalanced diet! So, in theory, at the end of the challenge, we are converted to the vegan way of life. In fact, the star is enthusiastic: “I am so happy to have made this challenge and I thank Marco for setting a good example. He is the most energetic person I know, and it is through his choice to live a balanced lifestyle. He thought a perfect program to motivate people to make better nutritional choices. You just have to try. ”

What do you think about that?

In terms of food balance, there is nothing wrong with the diet: protein (in chickpeas, chia seeds or quinoa, for example), carbohydrates (especially slow sugars, excellent against the nibbling which get fat) and lipids (in olive oil, for example).

On the other hand, we are not fully convinced by the restrictive side of the 22-day challenge: unless we have a steel will (like Beyoncé?), we risk cracking before the end of the 22 days … and resume straightaway our dearly lost pounds. Problem 2: This diet “good for line and health” is probably less … for our portfolio. Indeed, authorized foods are generally expensive, and you also need time to cook them!

A diet … but also a business

Obviously, the 22-day challenge is also a business. So, on the 22 days nutrition website you can buy a recipe book, protein bars, seeds… For the modest (!) Sum of $ 165 per week, you can also get vegan ready meals – For the time being, this service is only available in the United States.

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