Bio and Gluten Free: Chris Froome’s Diet

Bio and Gluten Free: Chris Froome’s Diet

The triple winner of ”Tour de France” follows a gluten-free diet, episodically low in carbohydrates (low carb, Atkins type), with proteins, and lots of organic fruits and vegetables.
Bio and Gluten Free: Chris Froome Diet

From F as processed foods, to P as proteins, some extracts from the statements of Chris Froome, which allow to reconstitute his diet. A diet focused on proteins, organic fruits and vegetables, gluten-free whole foods, with periods low in carbohydrates.

Processed foods: ” The first thing to do when you want to be successful is to remove processed food from your diet and increase whole grain products and healthy plants.

Carbohydrate load: ” It is not because you decided to make a 80 km bike trip the next day that you must swallow a massive ration of pasta the hurdy-gurdy evening, because once on the bike you go You feel all swollen. On the contrary, take carbohydrates during the race, with gels or other foods .

Gluten: ” I used to eat a lot of muesli, I thought it was good, but it was full of wheat and sugar. When you eat gluten, you tend to retain a little more water. Now I avoid it. Instead of bread and pasta I eat rice and quinoa instead. It’s more digestible and it brings me the carbs I need .

Low carb: ” You have to teach the body to metabolize fat to provide energy. In training, we regularly make a low carb breakfast (low in carbohydrates) with for example an omelet and an avocado, but no carbohydrates, and we roll with it at least during the first hours. Theoretically, this teaches the body to be more efficient, which means that on race days, when you take a lot of carbohydrates, it’s a bit like you have a second source of energy .

Slimming: ” It’s not so easy for me to stay slim. I focus on the quality of the food I eat: organic fruits and vegetables, meat whenever possible. The public mistakenly think that because you train 5 to 6 hours a day you can eat whatever you want and burn it anyway. You really have to be attentive to the slightest thing you put into your mouth and how it will be beneficial .

Weight: ” For us, the power ratio is an important ratio and ideally we want to be as thin as possible with maximum power. When I became a professional, I thought my weight was 70-71 kg when in fact I can lower it to 66-67 kg .

Protein: ” My diet is much more protein-centered. Out of competition, I have greatly reduced carbohydrates, but I do not lose muscle .




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