How to Boost Your Bench Press To Get more strength?

How to Boost Your Bench Press To Get more strength?

Boost your bench press and increase your overall muscle mass by adopting the right position.

How to Boost Your Bench Press To Get more strength

Raise the level

The classic bench press works perfectly well to acquire muscle mass. But, if you want to lift heavy loads, try to push like Gene Rychlak, the first person to have developed 500 kg. “In powerlifting, we try to use all the muscles possible, and not just the upper ones,” says Mike Robertson, owner of the Fitness and Sports Training room in Indianapolis, who was an assistant coach of the US team of bench press. The result is a more solid bench press and more calories burned. Start exercising only with the weight bar, and then add weights once you are comfortable with the right move.

Arch The Back

You probably lay down on the bench like on your sofa. “By making a hyperextension of the back, you decrease the race of the weight bar (the distance that the load must do),” says Robertson. The shorter this distance, the more you can take heavy. By arching your back, push your shoulders into the bench and tighten them.

Press On The Feet

A powerful bench press does not just depend on your pecs and your arms. Plant the heels in the ground to raise the weight bar. “It sounds crazy, but it increases your loads at the bench,” says Robertson.

Keep Elbows Inside

Keep your elbows close to the body throughout the movement. By doing this, you reduce the load on your shoulders and engage the backbones, increasing stability and strength.

Curve The Trajectory

Descend the weight bar in arc of the circle, following the form of “J” from the top position (starting position) to the nipples, 5 centimeters. Invert the arc of circle to go back up. Moving the weight bar in a straight line, from bottom to top – like a lot of guys – can reduce the trajectory, but the arc of circle increases the muscle power and the load that you can lift.

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