Can You Gain Muscle Mass With Only 2 Sessions Per Week?

Can You Gain Muscle Mass With Only 2 Sessions Per Week?

You want to gain muscle but you are very busy. So you do not have time to go to the gym in order to lift weights. If you are willing to work hard and surpass yourself, you will see results by training only 2 times per week.

Can You Gain Muscle Mass With Only 2 Sessions Per Week

2 sessions per week, does it?

In reality, the gains in terms of muscles and strength are very similar , whether you train 2 or 3 times per week.

In one study, weight training practitioners who trained a muscle group twice per week gained 70% strength (measured on a maximum load in squat) compared to those who trained 3 times per week.

In another study, training twice a week led to about 80% isometric strength gains compared to a three-day program per week.

Canadian researchers have compared the same volume of training, divided into 2 or 3 sessions per week. The gains, in strength and volume, were virtually identical, regardless of the training routine chosen.

In one study, researchers at the University of Memphis compared the effects of a bodybuilding program on people over the age of 60. And regardless of the number of weekly sessions, 2 or 3, the rate of progression in both groups was almost identical.

When a team of researchers compares the results of studies on the frequency of workouts per week, they conclude that ” the main muscle groups should be trained at least twice per week to maximize muscle growth.”

Vince Gironda , in his book ” Unleashing the Wild Physique “, Writes:” A muscle, to grow, needs 2 workouts a week . And this is also true for the champions. Shock your muscles twice per week and they will get bigger. Perhaps even faster than you thought possible . “

Why you train twice a week?

There are also many other advantages to training twice a week:

1 – The first is obvious. Raising weights twice a week should not take you much time. Not more than a few hours. This represents less than 2% of your free time per week. That leaves enough time for you to do other things.

2 – If you are already practicing a sport, such as cycling, running or martial arts, and want to add some weight training exercises, lifting weights twice a week will allow you to do so without interfering with your activity Usual.

3 – During dieting, a workout twice a week can help you maintain (and in some cases have) your volume and muscle strength. It is also a good alternative in case of dry to get a more sculpted body. Increasing your carbohydrate intake on the days you exercise can greatly differentiate in terms of performance while having a relatively limited impact on your weekly caloric deficit.

4 – If you are in your forties, fifties, or even more, your body will need more time to recover from a workout. Cutting your program into 2 sessions per week is ideal for gaining strength and volume. And this, while leaving enough recovery time to your body between 2 sessions.

D. John, a best-selling author wrote: ” What has always surprised me most, training twice a week is seeing my joints in great shape and overflowing with energy to All the other things to do in my life.


To conclude, if you can not go to the gym as many times as you want, do not worry. Practicing twice a week, in full-body, is more than enough.

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