Drinks At Starbucks: Up to 25 Teaspoons of Sugar

Drinks At Starbucks: Up to 25 Teaspoons of Sugar

Investigation reveals significant amounts of sugar in Beverages served at Starbucks and others.

Drinks At Starbucks Up to 25 Teaspoons of Sugar

The British association Action on Sugar has tested 131 hot drinks served by major brands like Starbucks. Results: 98% of them bring an avalanche of sugar. In more than one third of the cases, the consumer swallows as much or more sugar than by drinking a can of soda. The association has just asked Starbucks to take action.

Professor Graham MacGregor, a professor of cardiology at Queen Mary University in London, describes these results as further evidence of the ” scandalous amounts of sugar added to our food and beverages .”

In a recent study conducted by Professor Robert Lustig, the researchers sent 43 obese children a nine-day diet that severely restricted sugar intake, with the added sugars being replaced by starchy foods to maintain the same calorie intake and Carbohydrates. This diet has led to immediate decreases in arterial pressure, glycemia and cholesterol.

This study ,” says Robert Lustig, ” definitely shows that sugar is metabolically harmful not because of its calories or its effects on weight. Sugar is metabolically harmful because it is sugar . “

Robert Lustig is the author of the bestseller ” Fat Chance ” which exposes the effects of sugar, a book to appear in June 2017 at Thierry Souccar Editions.

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