Eating Under The Impact Of Emotions: A Cause Of Overweight. How Do You Manage Your Emotions?

Eating Under The Impact Of Emotions: A Cause Of Overweight.

How Do You Manage Your Emotions?

Eat to avoid conflict, eat to keep away fears and anxieties, eat instead of acting … You can eat in excess for all kinds of reasons. This avoids having to face reality, and at the same time makes your problem of weight insoluble. This may change!

Eating Under The Impact Of Emotions A Cause Of Overweight.

Food is not a refuge. Uncontrolled, it can cause overweight

Eating under the impact of emotions can affect our lives in different ways. Emotional food thus has an impact on human relationships. For example, when at the slightest sign of tension in your home, you take refuge in the kitchen and nibble instead of facing a disagreement. Eating becomes a way to avoid conflict. This does not solve your conjugal difficulties and not your difficulties .

The unceasing use of food leads to passivity . One does not realize one’s plans, one demotivates oneself, one loses all ambition. A vicious circle is set up: one also loses one’s self-confidence . The food then appears more and more as the only possible answer, the only way to find an appeasement . Little by little, the habit is established: you take refuge in the food instead of having an active attitude to carry out your projects and go to the end of your ambitions. Again, this pattern is damaging and the extra pounds are accumulating.

Work on your emotions, do not hide them by eating

Eating can still serve to extinguish fears, anxieties. A review approach? An interview with an employer? Just think of it stress you, and you eat. But, to lead you thus strengthens you in the feeling that you are not able to face otherwise, serenely, your difficulties of life.

Finally, emotional food devalues, and leads to feel guilty, and again, we answer … by a food intake! Smokers or alcoholics, who are unable to control their drinking, have similar feelings and behaviors.

This vicious circle was perfectly described by Jean-Philippe Zermati, therapist and nutritionist, author of the bestseller ”Lose weight without diet”. We saw a difficult event, such as trying a pair of pants in a shop and not being able to close it. We quickly said to ourselves: “I am too fat, I eat too much sugar”. Jean-Philippe Zermati calls this speech the “stressor”: it leads to depression , then to food intake to calm down.

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