Exercise When You Are Obese

Exercise When You Are Obese

You have pounds to lose? You hesitate to resume the sport? Forget your misconceptions: obesity and sport are not incompatible. Why ? We tell you everything.

Exercise When You Are Obese


Dominique is obese and wants to lose weight smoothly, without risk to her health. She wants to practice a little physical exercise to feel better in her body and in her head. Without forcing of course. Impossible mission ?

Exercise brings significant benefits

Fortunately, obesity and movement of the body are not mutually exclusive. Obese people who are deprived of physical exercise are wrong because the benefits of sport are many. Although the effects of physical activity on weight loss remain modest, they are of major importance in stabilizing weight. Exercise also helps to alleviate the complications of obesity such as anomalies linked to insulin resistance syndrome (hyperglycaemia, increased triglycerides and low protective HDL cholesterol, increased blood pressure). By combining moderate physical activity and even modest weight reduction, the risk of developing Type II diabetes over three years for people with glucose intolerance is reduced by almost 60%! Obesity and movement go well together.

Indeed, a regular practice alone leads to favorable changes in insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance and lipid profile, notes Jean-Michel Oppert, physician and professor of nutrition in Paris VI. Some studies suggest that those who are overweight who exercise do have a lower risk of cardiovascular mortality than those with normal weight but who are more likely to be sedentary. It would be the sedentary lifestyle that would explain health problems, more than obesity ! There are many arguments for demonstrating that physical activity plays a more important role than one might think. And that does not count psychological benefits as an improvement in self-esteem, mood and general condition.

Obesity and sport: how to reconcile them?

Physicians generally recommend regular physical activity in the order of 30 minutes of rapid walking per day, or 150 minutes of moderate endurance activity per week. In children, the recommendation is to practice at least 60 minutes of moderate to high intensity physical activity per day. Even when you have a high weight, the important thing remains to move. If you are completely sedentary like Dominique, begin by walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, walking as soon as you have the opportunity. Why not go down a station or stop before your destination and finish on foot? So, many ways to integrate a little physical exercise into your daily life. You can then improve your sport program according to your state of health and start endurance activities like cycling or swimming … And to optimize your results you can work on your eating behavior to lose weight smoothly and Benefit also from the program form with full of exercises adapted to your level.



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