Fasting Is Good For Keeping The Line And The Cardiovascular Health

Fasting Is Good For Keeping The Line And The Cardiovascular Health

Fasting from time to time would be a very effective way not only to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but also to keep the line.

Fasting Is Good For Keeping Line And The Cardiovascular Health



Researchers at the Intermountain Medical Center (Murray) Utah have just presented the results of two studies of more than 200 healthy people who were asked for 24 hours to consume no food or drink, or no food only – water being permitted in the latter case. Their biological parameters were compared to one day during which they normally fed.


Compared to normal feeding, fasting increases cholesterol (a 14% increase in LDL, the so-called “bad” and 6% of HDL, the so-called “good”). This increase is not disturbing insofar as the harmful role of blood cholesterol is largely questioned. On the contrary, explains Dr. Benjamin Horne, lead author of the study, “Fasting causes hunger or stress. In response, the body releases more cholesterol, allowing it to use fat as a fuel source instead of glucose. This decreases the number of fat cells in the body. The less there is fat cells, the less we risk to be resistant in the insulin and to develop a diabetes.”

On the other hand, fasting results in a dramatic increase in the level of growth hormone (GH). A single fasting of 24-hour entails an increase in GH of 2000% for men and 1300% for women! GH is a “fat-burning” hormone; it is secreted following a fasting because the body uses it to preserve muscle mass and regulate the blood glucose level as well as the level of several hormones. Finally, fasting reduces triglycerides, another cardiovascular risk factor.


The intermittent fasting decreases the cardiovascular and diabetes risks. It increases the level of growth hormone and helps to lose the body fat in excess.

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