Fat Loss and Muscle Gain in Same Time?

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain in Same Time?

Take muscle mass without taking fat, the holy grail of bodybuilding practitioners. But, is it really possible? My response to a reader who sent me the following message:

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain in Same Time

“I have a goal of simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain. Is it better to eat to my hunger or on the contrary try to eat more when I do sports (bodybuilding, HIIT)?
In my case, when I listen to my hunger, I do not eat much, between 1200 and 1400 calories per day, sports days a little more between 1500 and 1700.
While for my weight and size, the recommendations are not to go below 1439 calories.
In order to lose fat and get muscle, do I have to force myself to eat, or should I eat less and to my hunger (and therefore eat less calories for my part)?

Our answer

It all depends on the visual result you’re looking for.

What some people describe as “fat loss and simultaneous muscle intake” is actually primarily a loss of fat, which may be accompanied by a mini muscle in the beginner, but the muscle gain is very limited .

The person thinks she has gained muscle because her muscles are more visible without the layer of fat that was on top of it. In fact, the person mostly made a kind of small dry. She thinks she is more muscular because she sees her muscles drawing, when in fact she had the same muscles before, but they were “buried” under a small film of fat.


Taking real muscle mass necessarily involves a small caloric surplus. Otherwise how would these additional fabrics be constructed? They do not make themselves from love and fresh water, they need materials to build themselves.

An exception to this principle is however the beginners: indeed, when one begins, no need for caloric surplus: from the moment when one begins to make muscle building, the body will adapt and “strengthen” naturally The muscles following the effect of the training, and this even without caloric surplus.

In fact, I can not answer your question because I have no idea what visual result you’re looking for, what you really mean by “muscle gain”. 2 cases are possible:

1- If you aim for more muscle definition (= muscles more visible because less covered with fat, in short a dry goal), you should eat less. And most of your carbohydrates have to come from green vegetables, while eating enough protein and lipids to cover your physiological needs.


2 – If you have a goal of a real muscle gain, that is to say to have to pass from a size 36 to a 38 (especially for the top because you will have the broad back and the shoulders round) Yes, it takes a small caloric surplus if you are not a beginner.


But, by non-debutante I hear that you are able to make 15 pumps on the feet and an entire traction (being able to pull you up hanging from a bar). If you still can not make 15 good pumps (= touching the floor with the chest at each pump), it is rather the type of workout that needs to be modified and not really the quantities of the meals.

And even in the event that muscu training is done with adequate resistance to trigger a muscle building process, it is impossible to take only muscle without any small fat intake. It is a problem that often comes up on the sites of male bodybuilding. If men who take muscle also take a bit of fat at the same time, it is obvious that as a woman (by nature much more specialist than them in storage of fat), you will necessarily store a little Fat during a real muscle gain.

It should also be noted that a transformation as illustrated in the image above will require at least 1 to 2 years of serious practice with heavy loads.


From the moment you are no longer a beginner, the phrase ” I have a goal of fat loss and muscle gain ” is equivalent to two simultaneous and incompatible objectives. A bit like saying ” I want to be pregnant without gaining weight “.

To deepen the vast subject of mass-taking, I invite you to read some masculine sites that deal with this topic in a long and broad way, or to make your own opinion through your own Google search by typing “taking dry mass”.


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