Gyrotonic, a Gentle Gym that Develop Deeply the Muscles

Gyrotonic, a Gentle Gym that Develop Deeply the Muscles

Among the gentle and intelligent gyms, the Gyrotonic is more and more followers. Appreciated by dancers and athletes and then by some Hollywood stars making this method impossible to circumvent, the Gyrotonic allows to strengthen and untie the body. To discover.

Gyrotonic a Gentle Gym that Develop Deeply the Muscles

We are sitting on a kind of platform, like a large mobile stool. Cumbersome machines surround us, supposed to facilitate the movement, becoming more ample, lighter and more fluid. They have nothing to do with the machines of musculation and the weight of cast iron to be lifted … The machines are there to relieve the joints.

Exercises to Grow Smoothly

There are exercises like yoga, tai chi and swimming. It does not involve fast exercises of cardio type but of muscular reinforcement in depth, the back well lengthened, in rhythm with the breathing. This work is perfectly suitable for all those who return to the sport, need to strengthen and wish to slim down durably.

The Gyrotonic is the invention of Juliu Horvath, a former professional dancer of Hungarian origin who experimented to recover from an injury. In the 1980s, he borrowed various techniques such as yoga to develop a series of movements to be made on a kind of wooden tower equipped with strips and weights, adaptable to the body and to the level of each. These movements give the Gyrotonic some airs of swimming. The gym allows you to develop muscle, but also helps to soften your body and relax it. The method quickly conquered the dancers.

An “intelligent” gym that extends the muscles

It is so respectful of the body that it has even been adopted by some doctors for rehabilitation sessions. Then the stars and all the curious of new methods have set themselves, creating the trend. The Gyrotonic pleases for a simple reason: by chaining the series of movements, we develop the muscles and stretche without having the feeling to provide a superhuman effort. This gymnastics, like the Pilates, is the kind of sport that allows to become aware of his muscles, his joints, they are thus called “intelligent gym”. The only drawback is the place taken by the material, limiting its practice to a few studios offering private lessons or small working groups, not necessarily the most economical ones.

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