How To Build Muscle In Your Forearms?

How To Build Muscle In Your Forearms?

The forearms are often overlooked in sports training … wrongly!

The muscles have undeniable interests. This can allow you to progress in many bodybuilding movements; it is also beneficial in the physical preparation of several sports. So, how to build muscle in your forearms?

How To Build Muscle In Your Forearms


More than 20 muscles are present in the forearm. Some of them participate in flexion of the elbow (long supinator), others in flexion of the wrist (anterior ulnar, large and small palmar) or in extension (posterior ulnar, radial). The forearm also includes the muscles used for bending or extending the fingers.

Stronger forearms

A necessity for progress

The muscles of the forearms are stressed during all the exercises of bodybuilding where we grip a load. This is the case in particular with the lifting of the ground and back exercises: pulling movements (with weight bar or pulley), traction.

When the loads increase, the forearms are often tetanized. The practitioners are then forced to interrupt their series … even before the muscles involved in the exercise are tired. Consequence: the weakness of the forearms prevents a complete work of the other muscles (especially the backbones). A specific work of the forearms makes it possible to overcome this problem in a few sessions.

Solid forearms

An asset in some sports

All sports where there is a grip can benefit from forearm training: tennis, canoeing, judo, climbing, golf, etc. The strength and / or the endurance of these muscles then play an important role in performance.

The work of the forearms

Here are some specific exercises, to be done at the end of the session.

  1. The curl bar, hands in bridge: It is a variant of the famous movement for the biceps, but we reverse the hold of hands: palms towards the ground. This movement develops the long supinator, and we often obtain very good results in volume, with this exercise.
  2. Flexion of the wrists: Sit with a weight bar in hands, place the forearms on the knees or on a bench, then bend the wrist to bring the palms of the hands towards the forearm. Very effective for the forepart of the forearms … and very interesting for judo, for example.
  3. Wrist extension: This is almost the same movement, but the hand hold is reversed. The back of the hand is brought closer to the forearm.
  4. Pronosupination: A dumbbell in hand, bend the elbow at 90°, then rotate the forearm to bring the palm of the hand successively upwards and downwards.

The working principle

Choose 2 exercises from the ones described above, and make 2 sets for each (1 min rest between sets). Change exercises at the next session. Examples Wrist bend with weight bar: 2 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Pronosupination: 2 sets of 12 reps on each side.

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