How To Catch A Weak Spot?

How To Catch A Weak Spot?

By definition a weak spot is a muscle that struggles to develop in relation to other muscles even though you train the latter in the same way. Whether it is a short muscle or a developmental problem because of another muscle that takes over (example with the front of the shoulder that takes precedence over the pectorals during Of the exercises of thrusts), there are solutions.

For beginners :
We do not talk about weakness when it is only 6 months that we do bodybuilding.

How To Catch A Weak Spot?

3 Techniques To Catch A Weak spot


Choose a light weight that allows you to do thirty repetitions quite easily and try to do the maximum of repetitions. Arrived at break or almost, blow 5 to 10 seconds and leave. Do this until you reach 100 repetitions for a single set. Try to keep a perfect performance despite fatigue and difficulty.


Occlusion training involves training by limiting blood flow back through the veins to the muscle using strips.


Choose a light weight as for other techniques. Go for about 5 sets of 3 to 5 repetitions with a concentric phase of 10 seconds. You can achieve the concentric phase smoothly or by taking several pauses during this phase. Prefer the use of machines for this technique because of the stability they offer you. It is unnecessary to slow down the negative phase when superlining.


Of these 3 methods are a strong burn, an enormous congestion and an increase of the muscular sensations. As a reminder, burning and congestion are 2 of the 5 major muscle growth factors with time under tension, tension stretching and contraction.

Improving your muscular sensations and motor recruitment through one of these training techniques will also allow you to better feel your weak point working during core exercises. And so be more efficient, take more muscle and finally catch up with your weak spot!

In practice

Do not scatter to wanting to try all methods at the same time or to use them on all the muscles.Choose a technique, focus on one weak point at a time and stay there for 3, 4, 6 or 12 months. If you try to catch up with a real weak point then it will not happen in 3 sessions; It will be necessary to stay there for a long time, not to make the vane and not to discourage after a few sessions.

Use it on an insulation exercise. For example, Cable crossover if you want to catch a weak spot at the pectoral, side raise if you want to catch a weak point at the shoulders , leg extension for late quadriceps.

Practice it in addition to your normal training as a “reminder” as these techniques are very untraumatic and allow you to work your muscle a second time without putting your recovery at risk. They can even be used as active recovery the day after a major training session.


If you make a classic split style:

  • Monday: pectoral
  • Tuesday: back
  • Wednesday: thigh
  • Thursday: shoulder
  • Friday: arm

To catch up with your biceps, you can incorporate one of these techniques on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays with a curl exercise in pulley supinated. Just do not do it the day before your big session.

If you want to catch your shoulders, do not do it on Wednesday! Make sure you have at least one day of recovery.

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