How to Eliminate Cellulite?

How to Eliminate Cellulite?

It is lodged everywhere between the thighs, the buttocks, the belly and the arms. It affects about 90% of women and is also called “orange peel effect”. But which is it? Our sworn enemy, of course, cellulite.

How to Eliminate Cellulite

Cellulite, what is it?

Cellulitis, a form of lipodystrophy, represents an increase in the number or volume of fat cells under the skin of the thighs, buttocks, belly and sometimes the arms of women. In addition to this phenomenon, poor blood and lymphatic circulation, a modification of collagen fibers. This results in water storage under the skin. The result of all this is irregular, unsightly skin, and it becomes a real complex.

Eliminate cellulite, massages and still massages

Cellulite is a form of female fat storage that can only be used during pregnancy. In case of famine, it then ensures the survival of the fetus. The rest of the time, cellulite is very rebellious! It is therefore necessary to remain modest in her hopes of making her leave.

However, it is not forbidden to hope to at least partially improve the situation. For those who have the hope pegged to the body, these are the 4 factors usually recommended:

– Exercise in a sporting activity,

– Adopt a regular diet without any big jerks

– apply a slimming cream


It is useless to invest in a slimming product if you do not perform the massages that go with it. A daily massage is inseparable from the cream if you really want to make disappear this unsightly skin. Here are 3 types of massages to do to eventually help you:

Eliminate cellulite from the belly, kneading: Have you ever seen how a baker kneads his dough to bread? Well, do the same … but with your belly ! Catch your muscle mass and perform gentle movements back and forth with your palms. This massage helps to relax your muscles and drain toxins accumulated in the body.

Eliminate cellulite from the hips and buttocks, palpate-roll: Grasp the little bead that protrudes, pinch it firmly between your thumb and your index finger and roll it under your fingers from top to bottom. This movement is to be carried out a dozen times per zone without releasing the pressure. The palpate roll would destroy the fat cells and improve the circulation, that’s what we promise you. Your body will be refined.

Eliminate cellulite from the thighs, percussions: Close your fists as if you were about to knock your thighs. The gestures must of course be soft and light in order to dislodge the unsightly fat found under the skin.

Cellulite: how to prevent it?

Once installed, cellulite is difficult to eliminate. But some solutions still exist! Here they are….

Regular physical activity: Playing sports allows you to acquire a healthy lifestyle and is essential to be in good health. In order to prevent cellulite , some sports are more effective than others. Take advantage of brisk walking, swimming or cycling.

Drink plenty of water: Drinking water helps promote drainage and toxin elimination. Also, it is advisable to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day!

Apply a slimming cream on the areas likely to develop cellulite: The slimming creams used before the appearance of cellulite are also effective, according to the manufacturers, provided a suitable massage is done.

Managing stress and anxiety: Stress rarely spares the body. It can, in fact, promote the appearance of cellulite. Then opt for gentle gymnastics such as yoga to relax.

Keeping up with your ideal weight: Stop repeating regimes with “yoyo” effects! It is truly work on eating behavior that will help you reconcile with yourself and arrive at your ideal weight. Exercise will help you optimize these results. Forget the lying promises of dieting. Forget the idealized weight. Our program will help you find your balance weight step by step and keep it, without any diet ! Do not wait any longer to make peace with yourself.

Finish your shower with a stream of cold water: Come on, a little courage! At the end of each shower, opt for a jet of cold water from the buttocks to the ankles and insist on the hips, buttocks and thighs. Cold water stimulates blood circulation.

With all these tips, you may be able to prevent, and who knows, eliminate cellulite, at least in part. Good massage!

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