How You Can Explode Your Muscle Growth?

How You Can Explode Your Muscle Growth?

Tired of repeating the same thing in practice? Are you still training between 8 and 12 reps? With classical executions? And you no longer progress? This is quite normal as your body has become accustomed to this type of effort. Thanks to a regularly varied training, you will take advantage of one of the fundamental faculties of the human body: its capacity of adaptation. And cause your muscle “explosion”.

How You Can Explode Your Muscle Growth?

The principle is simple: disrupt your body to force it to adapt, so to progress. To do this, there are different intensification methods that you can add to your training program. It is preferable to remain on the same method for 2 to 3 weeks, so as to create adaptations and consequent progress which can be translated according to the methods by an increase of your loads on the exercises, a gain of flexibility, an improvement your recovery or a change in body composition (more muscle mass and less fat mass).

Continuous Tension

Performing an exercise in continuous tension is keeping a constant effort by removing any micropause between repetitions and not completely locking the joints while controlling the movement. This method keeps the muscle constantly under tension.


We can also vary the execution tempos to create additional stress on the muscular system. For example, holding the eccentric phase in 4 seconds, blocking the movement in the low position for 2 seconds, forcing explosively in 1 to 2 minutes and blocking the movement in the high position for 2 seconds.

Partial Repetitions

It is about playing on variations in amplitude of movement to intensify your workout. The best known partial repetition method is 7-7-7. Its principle is to make 7 repetitions in high half-amplitude (example to the bench press: arm tensed then to descend until have the elbows to 90 °), then 7 repetitions in low amplitude (example to the bench press: elbows at 90 °, Then descending to the torso) and finish with 7 repetitions in full amplitude (example to the bench press: arms extended and then down to the torso).

Bulgarian (heavy / light)

The primary interest of this method, widely used in strength sports and in physical preparation, is to develop explosive force. In the same series, do 1 to 5 repetitions at maximum load on a polyarticular exercise, then chain with another light load exercise by doing 3 to 6 explosive repetitions. This method is adapted by the bodybuilders who, on the second exercise, make a maximum of repetitions with the light load until being close to failure. More the contrast is important between heavy and light, better will be the impact of the method.

Rest break

Your endurance and muscle strength will be severely tested. This method allows heavy overloading of repetitions with a heavy weight. In the same series, do 5 repetitions (without going to failure, keep 1 repetition of margin), take 20 seconds of rest then do 4 reps, take 30 seconds of rest and do 3 reps without reducing the weight.

Drop set

For an assured congestion, in the same series, carry out 8 repetitions with your maximum load, remove 20% of this load and then chain without rest a maximum of repetitions.


With this method, you will be able to fill your weak points. For example, if your triceps have become too strong to the detriment of your pectorals: in the same series, do 8 to 15 pre-fatiguing repetitions on an insulation exercise for your triceps, then chain with bench press in 6 to 10 repetitions. Your triceps will saturate because of the pre-fatigue, and it’s your pectorals that will take over!

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