Is Milk Dangerous For Health?

Is Milk Dangerous For Health?

Cow’s milk is a factor in diabetes, cataract, cardiovascular risk and cancer … We have been baked for more than 60 years with milk and dairy products, “drink milk” or “dairy products Our friends for life “many are TV ads or other in order to make us drink cow’s milk, while the human body treats the milk of cow¬†as a poison from the youngest age…

Why all these lies about the benefits of dairy products?
How does the dairy lobby corrode the scientific and medical community?
How has the dairy industry led to the belief that bone health depends on dairy calcium?
Why is osteoporosis progressing instead of decreasing with milk consumption?
Why do dairy lovers have more prostate or breast cancers?
Why do researchers suspect milk to promote childhood diabetes?
How does the industry believe that dairy calcium prevents obesity?
Why have calcium requirements been exaggerated and what are your real needs?

So many questions that you need to find answers to as quickly as possible, our health and that of our children is threatened

In 2002, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) estimated that dairy products should be consumed “in small quantities”. It is also because the English people add milk in their cups that they would benefit much less from the antioxidant virtues of teas and have one of the highest rates of cancer in the West …

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