How to Keep a Toned and Firm Belly After Losing Weight?

How to Keep a Toned and Firm Belly After Losing Weight? 

After losing weight on the belly and hips, the skin often tends to become looser. But we have a solution! Here are five tips to restore your skin tone and firmness.

How to Keep a Toned and Firm Belly After Losing Weight

Tip # 1: Prevent the loosening of your skin

Stretch marks are scars that appear on skin that has undergone distension. They are frequent on the belly of pregnant women, and can also appear in people who have taken or gained weight quickly. As they are tear scars of the elastic fibers of the skin, once they appear, they persist, passing simply from the purplish at their appearance, to the more discreet white. Moisturizing creams are to be used in people with poor skin quality, to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, and anti-stretch mark creams can make them less visible, without removing them.

Phototherapy treatments are also now available.

Tip # 2: Give your body tonicity

A good musculature will allow you to have an improved silhouette. Forget the elevator, take the stairs, forget the subway, walk! You should perform thirty minutes of exercises a day so that your body is toned. Finally, you can add a few sets of abdominals in the morning in order to strengthen the stomach.

Tip # 3: Play sports

In addition to the small exercises to be performed every day, adopt a sport ! Some can help you get a flat, firm stomach, as firm as Beyoncé’s. Try swimming as this sport stimulates those parts of the body most likely to relax after weight loss such as arms, chest, belly and buttocks. Strength training allows you to muscle precisely certain areas. Whatever your choice, the ideal is to practice once or twice a week in order to sculpt your body.

Tip # 4: Take Baths

In order to get a firm skin, a good warm bath opens the pores of the skin and allows the toxins to evacuate. Cold water, on the other hand, tones the skin. Hence the unstoppable logic of the sauna followed by an ice bath! Without going so far, you can alternate hot and cold water .

Tip # 5: Treat yourself to an institute

You can find treatments dedicated to the firming of your skin in institute. So, you combine good time and fight against the loosening of your skin!

By combining these five tricks with a diet centered on your food sensations, you will improve your silhouette.

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