What Do You Know About Slimming Drugs?

What Do You Know About Slimming Drugs?

Slimming drugs are disappointing either because they are ineffective, or they have more placebo, or they lead to weight loss but are then dangerous for health.

What Do You Know About Slimming Drugs

Thyroid extracts

Thyroid hormones accelerate the metabolism and thus cause a rapid burning of energy reserves and therefore a loss of weight. Unfortunately, this loss of weight certainly corresponds to a loss of fat, but also to a loss of lean tissues and muscles.

When the treatment is stopped, as the reduction in muscular volume causes a decrease in the body’s expenditure, the energy needs are considerably lowered. In these conditions, the resumption of a normal diet results in a rapid intake of fat and, in the great majority of cases, by a weight higher than that which had motivated the taking of hormones. Ultimately, the treatment will have led to exchanging muscle for fat, with an extra weight bonus. Thyroid extracts also cause hot flushes and sweating, palpitations, signs of nervousness. They can also cause heart problems, fatal in some cases.

These drugs, dangerous and ineffective in the medium and long term, are no longer prescribed as weight loss products. Some doctors also prescribe pills and creams based on thyroid hormones, not directly, but generally hidden among other prescriptions, and often displaying, in a perfectly abusive manner, the label of “homeopathic prescription”.

The diuretics

Water weighing one kilo per liter, the intake of diuretics results in weight loss that can be read on the scale, up to two to three kilos. It is not possible to lose more water. Diuretics do not allow you to lose fat or cellulite.

As soon as the tablets are stopped, the dry organism retains the water that is lacking and the “lost” pounds reappear as if by a miracle. In order to maintain this artificial weight reduction of one to two kilos, it is therefore necessary to use diuretics permanently.

However, these repeated intakes cause dehydration, a drop in the tension which can lead to a state of permanent fatigue, dizziness and syncope.

Leakage of potassium into the urine can cause heart rhythm disturbances, sometimes fatal.

The laxatives

Some people think that laxatives can contribute to their weight loss by subtracting nutrients from the digestive process. This is true in the case of an important catch: the diarrhea provoked is then such that many nutrients do not have time to be absorbed. The taking of laxatives in large and regular quantities results in a loss of water and inorganic salts, in particular potassium. There is a risk of dehydration resulting in falls in tension, fatigue, dizziness and syncope, as well as cardiac problems, which sometimes prove fatal. Bulimic individuals are frequently prone to laxative frenzy.

Smaller catches, besides having no effect on weight, make the intestine lazy: the laxatives end up constipating.

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