Losing 3 Kilos with a Mindful Eating Program(+Video)

Losing 3 Kilos With a Mindful Eating Program (+Video)

To lose weight 30 days before summer, – 3 kg before the jersey: it is the time of programs slimming express. But what about the most original and even surprising slimming methods: mindful eating or eating in full awareness. Certainly our method also proposes to practice mindfulness, but we will see that there are some small differences!

Losing 3 Kilos With a Mindful Eating Program

Weight loss by eating everything with mindfulness

Mindful eating programs use mindfulness meditation applied to the control of one’s diet. It is therefore a matter of eating in full awareness, paying full attention to the present moment: your hunger, your sensations, your taste, your tasting… and your satiety!

Does eating mindful eating can make you lose weight?

In any case, this has been proven by recent scientific studies. An American study showed the interest of mindfulness meditation with obese children. The large survey has shown that eating in an intuitive way, that is to say by respecting one’s food sensations, reduces the risk of obesity by 2 and so that eating to its hunger makes lose in many cases!

The mindful eating program

Here’s how a mindful eating program can make you lose weight in 30 days before summer! Practice one exercise a day at the beginning of the week, then combine the exercises at the weekend. Add to these exercises those of the following week.

Week 1 – Eat in Mind: The BABA of mindful eating

1- Identify your hunger: every time you are hungry, ask yourself:
What are you hungry for? Sweety salty ? A particular food?
Why are you hungry? Need energy, comfort, per hourly habits?
What quantity seems to you to satisfy this hunger?
2- Identify your emotion before meals:
Do you feel stressed, calm, edgy, tired, irritable?
What emotion dominates just before eating?
3- At the table, live the present moment : it is your meditation of full consciousness:
Cut any source of distraction: television, smartphone, tablet …
Observe the colors, shapes, and all the details of your plates, glasses, cutlery, food.
At every bite, enjoy the flavor, the smells, the textures. Eat with your 5 senses. Feel the evolution of your tasting.
4- Identify your sensations, your emotions after the meal :
Have you enough, not enough or too much?
Do you feel satisfaction or comfort?

Week 2 – experience the present moment at different times: the experience of mindfulness

1- Learn to welcome your thoughts without considering them as problems to solve, to welcome your emotions, whatever they may be, to be totally present at the here and now:
Washing your teeth
By opening the window
By clearing the table
During your shower
By car, on the bus or the metro …
2- Perform a sets of 3 to 4 slow and deep breaths, before usually automatic gesture:
answer the phone
light a cigarette
Open a bunch of cookies
3- At the table, taste with full consciousness :
Observe every bite you chew, enjoy the texture and taste, how the mouthful goes down to your stomach, trying to feel it.

Week 3 – Meditate in Mind: The Experience of Mindfulness

Practice mindfulness meditation to increase your emotional tolerance. It is not about eliminating your emotions or stress, but accepting their presence without avoiding them, waiting for them to evacuate themselves.
Always choose the same time of day to meditate a few minutes: morning, evening, preferably outside meals.
You can choose between:
  • Seated meditation: let your breathing unfold naturally without trying to control it, focus on the different noises, or on your body sensations, or on the thoughts that visit you and cross your mind. Observe what is happening in you.
  • Active meditation: always allowing your breathing to take place naturally without trying to control it, focus on an activity that requires a certain concentration, but does not mobilize the totality of your mind: walking, gardening, dishes…

Week 4 – Eat Awake: Intuitive or mindful eating complete

Apply mindfulness diet to all your meals:
1. Eat when you are hungry.
2. Experience the present moment of most of your mouthfuls, tasting, but without making an obsession.
3. Place your cutlery from time to time.
4. Observe your sensations throughout the meal, especially when you stop eating, experiencing pleasure in eating.
5. Stop eating as soon as you are satisfied.

The mindful eating: what to expect in the short and medium term for weight loss?

First of all, it should be noted that eating in full consciousness can not be a magic and short-term dietIntroducing the practice of mindful meditation or mindful eating as a weight loss method to lose a given amount of weight in a given time is nothing but a form of marketing.
And even, going further, practicing mindfulness in order to lose weight immediately, could prevent one from being truly conscious! Because then, we project ourselves in the future, the one where we lost weight, we have a goal, defined. And the state of mindfulness is precisely devoid of any reference to an objective, past or future, to center itself in the present moment.
There is a profound paradox here, which should not surprise the regulars of the Eastern philosophies: it is essential to expect nothing from its sittings, or from eating in full consciousness, except to live the present moment . It is only at this price that one can see his thoughts and emotions lose their impact. Only in this way can we find that we do not need to eat so much to feel nourished or to calm our emotions.

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