5 Mistakes Not To Do When You Follow A Diet!

5 Mistakes Not To Do When You Follow A Diet!

When people want to execute a diet, they fall in fatal mistakes. They have a bad effect on the body. It exists 5 mistakes not to do when you follow a diet:

Mistakes Not To Do When You Follow A Diet

1- Hunger

Let’s make it clear: to starve has never worked! Why?

Simply because we have vital needs, and because even by being sedentary, our body is a machine to the well-oiled mechanics which works without agreeing of truce! Between the digestion, the respiration, the circulation all our organs are activated all day (and night!) and are big consumers of calories. So, the hunger is a natural reaction of our body which demands its fuel to be able to keep moving forward.

By fighting, we are only stressing the process. The body is less effective in its work because it runs out of fuel, it indicates this to us by sending us the demonstrations of the fatigue and the hunger always more important. Besides, little of persons are able to endure the hunger for a very long time. And the consequence of a prolonged hunger is inevitably an often disproportionate cracking, matched by a good dose of guilt.

2- Frustration

In the same way as the hunger, the frustration is the public enemy number 1 of the diet!

We believe too often that a diet can be effective only if it is draconian and that to lose weight cannot rhyme with pleasure.

It is false! On the contrary, it is impossible to lose weight on the duration without agreeing of pleasure.

Indeed, so voluntary, the human cannot support eternally the frustration. This one will succeed inevitably on a grip release devastating, as much for the line as for the self-respect.

3- Banish the bread and/or the starchy foods

We also call them complex carbohydrates, and they suffer wrongly from a bad reputation. Stigmatized by the very fashionable high-protein diets, the people follow a diet have very often the first reflex to rule out them of their food.

Why is it a mistake?

Because the carbohydrates (or more exactly the glucose which is the result of the carbohydrates degradation) are the fuel which our body so much needs to work.

Moreover, these carbohydrates are not more calorie than proteins, because 1 gram of carbohydrates equals 1 gram of proteins that equals 5 calories.

4- Abolishment of fats

They too were accused at origin of all problems, the fats are too often abolished of diet plates. Thus, this is a new error, because the body needs fats for its vital functions. Then, it is essential not to neglect them while keeping the vegetable fats which are the sources of essential fatty acids and cardio-defenders.

Besides, it’s important not forget that the fat is a flavor enhancer. It thus contributes to bring some flavor to our food and allows us to feel more quickly the satiety.

5- Skipping meals

Why is it a bad idea?

Simply because the body reacts immediately to the calorie variations that we make it undergo and puts itself on the defensive. A very rich meal followed by a diet of several hours will urge it to store more at the following meal.

The solution in case of festive meal which is outlined: Eat normally in the preceding meal, and relieve the following meal, only in sugars and in fats and by keeping at least a thin meat or a fish, vegetables, a dairy and a fruit, to not put your body on the alert.


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