7 Mistakes That Can Make You Gain Weight

7 Mistakes That Can Make You Gain Weight

Apply these dietary tips to make your fat disappear and get beautiful abdominal.

7 Mistakes That Can Make You Gain Weight

You lift weights. You eat healthily. Yet, there is something wrong when you get on the scales. You have gained weight unwittingly. What’s wrong? Believe it or not, it is possible that it is small things (like the speed at which you chew) that spoil your efforts to lose weight. These little things that you do not pay attention to in the short term accumulate and make you gain weight in the long term. Here are seven of the most likely reasons that make you gain weight despite yourself.


Skip Meals

Let’s start with an error known to everyone to ruin our metabolism: skip meals. Eating irregularly all day can contribute not only to an accumulation of fat around the belly but also to insulin resistance and a higher risk of type II diabetes. After eating, the body produces glucose that is transported from the blood to the muscles and cells of the liver. In case of insulin resistance, the cells do not respond to insulin. A greater amount of sugar accumulates in the blood. More blood sugar means more fat around the waist, the same type of fat that contributes to diabetes.


Chew Too Fast

It does not matter if you eat healthy, if you chew too fast, it is likely that you gain weight. The hormones in your stomach send a signal to your brain to tell it that it is full. The Research has shown that people who eat too fast may have fewer hormones that suppress appetite, leading to weight gain.


Drink Too Protein

There is a reason why we are told not to drink more than two protein shakes per day. The body does not detect liquid calories the same way it detects calories from foods. Liquid calories do not give you the feeling of being satiated and do not suppress hunger. Thirst is not regulated by the stomach and intestines, unlike the hunger. When you eat, the stomach stretches. The stretching sensations send a message to the brain and let it know when the stomach is full. Drinks do not trigger this signal, which is why we do not feel full like when we have just eaten. Result: these liquid calories are still ingested. Limit your protein milkshakes to one per day.


Do Not Ingest Fat

Do not be afraid of fat. Do not ingest fat increases your body mass index. One of the most persistent myths is that dietary fat contributes to obesity. That is not the case at all. If we reduce the amount of fat which we ingest, we tend to add more carbohydrates to compensate it and we know that more carbohydrates lead to more fat. Increased intake of healthy mono-saturated fats, such as avocados, nuts, seeds and olive oil, controls weight gain.


Make Healthy Food Unhealthy

We know that good foods become bad foods when they are poorly prepared: chicken breasts covered with bleached flour, halibut rolled into a fried dough, salads soaked in soybean oil. Even the healthiest foods that are high in calories like salmon, walnuts and avocados will make you gain weight if you eat them too much. Follow this rule “all moderately”.


Choose Bad Snack

A beer contains on average 150 calories. Drink two and you have already taken a hundred of calories. At the restaurant, we do not order steamed broccoli or kale leaves withered. We prefer nachos, quesadillas and fried chicken wings that make us gain weight.

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