More Muscles Thanks To Apple and Tomato For Seniors?

More Muscles Thanks To Apple and Tomato For Seniors?

The skin of the apple and the green tomato contain molecules that limit muscle loss during aging.
More Muscles Thanks To Apple and Tomato For Seniors

Here is a new reason for eating apples, but without peeling them: the peel contains a molecule that prevents muscle loss during aging, according to an article in Journal of Biological Chemistry . This would also be the case for a compound found in green tomatoes.

During aging, the body gradually loses mass and muscle strength. The consequences of this muscular loss are important because it limits the activity of the individual, his quality of life and contributes to a greater risk of falls and fractures. There may then be a vicious circle since if the individual uses even less his muscles, muscle loss becomes worse.

In this study, researchers at the University of Iowa have identified two molecules capable of inhibiting age-related muscle atrophy and weakness: ursolic acid, a pentacyclic triterpenoid found in Peel apples, and tomatidine, an alkaloid found in green tomatoes.

The researchers worked on mouse models. In two months of treatment, the two molecules have reinvigorated the muscles of old mice: they have greatly reduced age-related muscle weakness and atrophy, by increasing muscle mass by 10% and ” Muscle quality “by 30% in two months.

The ursolic acid and tomatidine act by limiting the activity of the ATF4 protein, a transcription factor that promotes muscle atrophy and weakness related to age. In young adults, the effects of these two molecules on muscle growth are associated with the activation of mTORC1, a mediator of muscle growth.

This new research therefore proposes ways to prevent muscle loss in the elderly. Since ursolic acid and tomatidine are naturally present in the diet, both molecules could be incorporated into nutritional products aimed at preserving strength and muscle mass during aging.

According to Christopher Adams, lead author of the study, “ursolic acid and tomatidine seem to have great potential as tools to cope with muscle weakness and atrophy during aging. He adds: “By reducing the activity of ATF4, ursolic acid and tomatidine allow the skeletal muscle to recover from the effects of aging.



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