New Slimming Food Supplement

New Slimming Food Supplement

In an article published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, American and Swedish researchers propose a new supplementation that would limit the feeling of hunger: an extract of spinach thylakoids. The thylakoids are a set of plant cellular membranes in which photosynthesis takes place from pigments such as chlorophyll.

New Slimming Food Supplement


In this article, the researchers studied the effects of a spinach extract of thylakoids on satiety. Indeed, in humans and pigs, it had been shown that ingestion of such an extract limited the hormone of hunger: ghrelin. A study in women also found that a dose of spinach extract limited the appetite for sweets.


Scientists examined the effect of single-dose intake of concentrated thylakoid extract on satiety, dietary intake, lipids and glucose for 60 men and women  suffering from overweight and obesity  in a double-blind, randomized clinical trial.

Participants consumed either spinach extract or placebo in a random order at least one week apart. Their level of lipids and glucose in the blood was measured before a normal breakfast, followed by a dose of the extract (5 g) and a standard meal 4 hours later. After 4 more hours, a pizza was served to them and during the interval various tests were carried out.


The results show that the spinach extract increases satiety for a period of two hours compared to placebo. There was no difference in blood lipids but men tended to decrease their energy intakes. Consumption of thylakoids could therefore help fight cravings.


By delaying the fats digestion, thylakoids promote the release of satiety hormones. For one of the authors, Frank Greenway, this extract could therefore find interesting applications: “The reduction of hunger and desire for salty foods observed in this study could make thylakoids particularly useful for people with high arterial pressure and associated weight problems.”

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