Obesity Hinders Heart Health in Adolescence

Obesity Hinders Heart Health in Adolescence

Obesity would lead to cardiovascular disorders in adolescence, without modifying the heart rate.

Obesity Hinders Heart Health in Adolescence

A higher than normal body mass index (BMI) is known to cause cardiovascular disease during adult life, but its effect has been little studied in apparently healthy young adults. Having a high BMI could lead to poor cardiovascular health among young people as early as age 17, according to a study presented at the annual conference of the European Society of Human Genetics.

Hypertrophy and Blood Pressure From The Age Of 17 Years

Researchers from the Epidemiology Unit of the Medical Research Council (MRC-IEU) of the University of Bristol, UK, used the data from the longitudinal study Avon of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) to Study the potential link between increased BMI and cardiovascular health. Scientists used the “genetics” or genomic analysis of ALSPAC data to confirm this probable causal relationship in volunteers aged 17-21 years.

The results of this study showed that obesity does not modify the heart rate in adulthood, but promotes the risk of cardiac hypertrophy and high blood pressure from the age of 17 years.

“Our results have shown a causal impact between a higher BMI and cardiac hypertrophy and higher blood pressure,” says Dr. Kaitlin Wade, research associate of the Medical Research Council’s Epidemiology Unit (MRC-IEU ) Of the University of Bristol and author of the study.

“We believe there are clear messages for cardiovascular health in our results and we hope that they could lead to increased efforts to fight obesity early in life,” concludes Dr. Wade.

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