Obesity Surgery by Gastric Bypass

Obesity Surgery by Gastric Bypass

The obesity surgery offers to the patients reached by a morbid overweight an effective tool for fast and checked weight loss. Now, the surgery of the stomach substitutes the plastic surgery. The obesity surgery by gastric bypass modifies the food circuit by introducing a derived conduit. This modification reduces in particular the volume of the stomach.

Obesity Surgery by Gastric Bypass

Operating mechanism

To lose weight, the gastric bypass combines several mechanisms. It entails an effect of limitation. In other words, the satiety, the sensation to be not hungry any more, arises more quickly. Then, by being less hungry, the patient ingests fewer food what has for consequence a loss of weight.

Other processes are set up with a bypass as that of malabsorption. The body digests less food and thus it stores them less.


Gastric Bypass delete the stomach by realizing a bridge between the oesophagus and the intestine. So, this
technique reduces the quantity of gulped down food and decreases their reabsorption by the small intestine, in particular the fats. It is practiced under coelioscopy, the intervention causes pains and lasts more than two hours. Complications are possible (abscesses, peritonitis, fistulas…).


  • It is the most effective surgery and is proposed as a last resort to the overweight people,
  • It allows to lose 75 %, even 100 % of their overweight in twelve to sixteen months,
  • The result remains on the long term.


  • It causes deficiencies and must be compensated with the permanent taking of vitamins and minerals,
  • Any food gap entails vomiting and immediate diarrhea,
  • This heavy and irreversible surgery requires a greater medical supervision,
  • Has higher complication rates and risk for mortality than the Gastric Band and Sleeve Gastrectomy.


The bypass has to entail a very important loss of weight. It is in the order of 5 kg per month, during the first 6 months, then a loss of weight from 2 to 4 kg per month. According to the scientific data, the bypass makes losing on average of 75 % of the overweight in 1 year.



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