Pokémon Go Would Make You Lose Weight !?

Pokémon Go Would Make You Lose Weight!?

You could not have missed this phenomenon. The game Pokemon Go has become viral in a few days. But, if the players walk so much, then they may not have done it before, can Pokemon Go make them lose weight?

Pokemon Go would make you lose weight

Pokémon Go Can Help Lose Weight?

This is the question that has arisen since the release of Pokémon Go. Indeed, the great originality of this game is to take place outside and ask its players to explore their environment to find new Pokemon. In short, instead of sitting without moving, players must make a slight physical effort and therefore burn more calories. For some sedentary people, this could change their habits and, why not, make them lose weight.

According to a Clinic Compare analysis, it would be possible to lose 500 g in 3 days for men and 3.5 days for women, if the player captures 100 Pokemon per day. This represents an expenditure of 3500 kcal. Obviously not everybody plays as much and analysis shows that a person who only catches 10 Pokemon per day could lose those 500 g in about 1 month.

The analysis is based on an average number of km traveled each day, ie about 10 Pokemons per 1 km. These numbers can vary of course, but the goal is to show that by walking more, it is possible to burn calories and therefore lose weight.

Pokemon Go would make you lose weight

Is Pokémon Go dangerous?

But, if Pokemon Go can cause weight loss, some people worry about the risks that gambling causes to its users.

According to the experts, there is no risk of muscular or joint injuries related to the use of the game, apart from accidents, of course. On the contrary, many problems of this kind today are related to the fact that people stay immobile all day, whether to work or play console at home. There would also be no problem of tendinitis or muscle trauma such as can be encountered during an intensive use of a joystick. Because touch screen operation is smoother.

From the moment the player remains reasonable and does not put important things aside to play, the game poses no problem. So do not play while driving, and you have to look around either when walking in the street or nature. Because, it should be noted, there have already been several road accidents because the players were obsessed with Pokémon Go. Others fell in ravines because they did not look where they set foot.

Similarly, the player must be careful not to isolate himself socially. Of course, gambling can help meet other hunters, but the danger is to isolate yourself while you are with friends or family.


You will understand that the game Pokemon Go itself is safe and can even make you lose weight, if you walk enough and you do not compensate by eating more. But, of course, it is recommended to have a moderate use, that is to say 40 to 60 minutes maximum per day, and to remain supposed to look around, as much to avoid having an accident that To avoid forgetting the people around you.


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