The Right Time to Start Losing Weight

The Right Time to Start Losing Weight

Starting to lose weight is not a decision to take lightly! Finding your shape and a healthy lifestyle imply knowing the right time to take good habits.

Right Time to Start Losing Weight

After several swimsuit try-ups, Valerie noticed some curves passed unnoticed this year. A passage on the balance forgotten confirms his impression: Valerie is overweight. She would like to lose her extra pounds. But is this the right time to start?

Weight loss: know how to evaluate the right moment

To lose weight in order to regain his weight of equilibrium implies an attentive work, an availability to face his problem. In order to regain and maintain our weight, we must be able to engage physically and emotionally in this process of change and questioning: Am I ready to question my eating habits? Am I willing to address the problem of compulsive “cracking”? Does my current life allow me to move regularly?

For example, pregnancy or breastfeeding, a period of questioning and stress, marital or conjugal problems are in most cases bad times to start losing weight!

Asking about the causes of our drift can also shed some light on this good moment: we have grown recently because of stressful situations, sentimental problems, a change of lifestyle, Of the cessation of smoking, or simply because of a great carelessness? Are these problems still present and active, or have we now taken a little distance?

The Right Time: Having Time

The right time to lose weight is when you have time for yourself. It does not necessarily impose itself on itself, it is also necessary to know how to adapt it to a way of life too hurried. If summer holidays are ideal, establishing healthy habits in daily life is beneficial to morale, and therefore to the figure.

The holidays appear as the perfect time to make good resolutions. They are the opportunity to start a sport that makes you want, or to refocus on your favorite physical activity. Adopt a regular sport routine over a few times, it will be easier to hold on to the return of the holidays. Take the time to go to the market, carefully choose good products, cook and savor what you eat. Find your friends and family around real meals.

Enjoy good morale, a less stressful time, to eat better and move more. Whether you’re on vacation or on a daily basis, the times when you feel full of energy and health are precious moments. They make it possible to reconcile and reconcile with oneself. Good morale is the key slimming asset!

In a favorable period, gradually reintroduce slimming habits: do the shopping carefully to eat good food to cook, good to taste, that bring real pleasure, to play a game of football or table tennis with the children, Make a meal while taking the time to taste. To help you slim down, you can also enjoy your moments of calm by refocusing on yourself, for example by practicing some mindfulness exercises.

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