The Seated Leg Curl to Develop Hamstrings Muscles

The Seated Leg Curl to Develop Hamstrings Muscles

This leg bending movement is probably one of the most important exercises for muscle building practitioners who want to develop the muscle mass and definition of the posterior part of the thigh. The leg curl increases the stability of the knee joint, which is a key factor in preventing injuries.

Seated Leg Curl to Develop Hamstrings Muscles

How to make seated leg curl?

  • Sit on the leg curl machine so your knees are at the edge of the seat to allow you full amplitude at the knee joint. Place the back of the lower part of your leg against the support or the rollers provided for this purpose when your knees are taut or slightly bent.
  • Grasp the handles and press against the backrest. This causes a certain relaxation at the level of the upper tendons, which can be useful when your ischios are stiff.
  • Inhale deeply and exhale by pulling your legs down at a moderate speed. Keep the toes pointing straight up by flexing the legs.
  • Hold the final position for 1 to 2 seconds to get a strong muscle contraction .Return to the starting position by inspiring and controlling and repeat to make the required number of repetitions.

5 Training Tips

  1. If your ischios are stiff, you will have trouble starting exercise with your legs stretched. In this case, lean as far back as possible to get some relaxation at the level of the upper tendons of your ischios. By flexing the knees, straighten to maintain firmness at the top of your ischios and thus get a sharper contraction.
  2. If your hips and knees are soft, tighten your ischios before or by pushing down on the brackets. When the muscles and tendons are relaxed, you may place the knees in hyperextension, which can cause injury.
  3. If when you perform the movement, your toes point naturally inward or outward, this may indicate an imbalance between the half-tendinous, semi-membranous and femoral biceps. If your toes point inward, exercise with the toes pointing outward and vice versa to create a better muscle balance.
  4. Make sure you reach a 90 ° angle with your knees at the end of the movement to produce a great muscle contraction. In order to further increase this tension, hold the final position for two seconds.
  5. For greater involvement of the twins, flex the ankle (dorsiflexion) in order to stretch the Achilles tendon. This causes a greater contraction at the anterior part of the leg during flexion of the knee joint.

What muscles are involved?

The hamstring muscle group is solicited during the leg curl. This group consists of the semi-membranous, the semi-tendinous and the femoral biceps. These biarticular muscles have an action on both the hip and knee joints. The twins in the calf are stressed if you flex the ankles during execution.

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