Is There A Specific Anti-Cellulite Diet?

Is There A Specific Anti-Cellulite Diet?

If you have an overall overweight associated with cellulite: you need to lose weight, your cellulite then has every chance to melt away with the pounds!

So, is there a specific anti-cellulite diet?

Is There A Specific Anti-Cellulite Diet


To lose weight intelligently, without being hungry, without frustrations and without relapse

– Your diet must take into account your lifestyle, your eating habits, your appetite and your favorite foods,

– Your diet must correspond to the caloric level calculated as accurately as possible in your case, i.e. the least restrictive possible,

– Your diet must respect the rules of the right balance of food,

– Finally, your diet must take into account the nutritional specificities that make it possible to fight against cellulite better (see below).

If you have cellulite without overweight: it is necessary to rebalance your diet and it is enough simply to correct your mistakes food and to ensure in particular that your diet respects the specificities below.

Specificities of the anti-cellulite diet

Your diet must reconcile the following conditions:

To be limited:

– Simple sugars, which must be reserved primarily for fructose (brought by fruit) and lactose (brought by milk and milk products), but which must nevertheless be limited. On the other hand, it is necessary to reduce severely the sucrose brought by sugar, sweet products, sweet desserts and sugary drinks.

– Lipids, in particular the fats so-called ‘saturated’ provided by fatty meats, butter, cream, fatty milk products. On the other hand, it is necessary to keep, but in small quantity, essential fatty acids including omega 3 brought by certain oils and fatty fish,

– The salt of cooking and table. Also beware of over-salted commercial dishes and salty foods such as cheese and salted meats! Do not forget that salt retains water!

– Alcohol brought by wine, beer, cider, aperitifs and digestives.

To promote: – the proteins brought by meats, fish, eggs and dairy products provided to choose them lean!

– Complex carbohydrates, brought by bread, cereals and starchy foods. They are nevertheless to be consumed in controlled quantity,

– The fibers, which must be brought first by the vegetables.

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