Physical activity is always good to take. When you want to lose weight, sport helps us to feel better in our body and to evacuate toxins. Swimming is a sport of choice for relaxing and burning calories. Here are our tips for finding aquatic activity that will make you feel like a fish in the water.

For the more sporty: aquabiking

Going to the pool is not just to do lengths! Aquatic activities have multiplied in recent years and it would be a shame not to do so. Among the latest innovations in the field, aquabiking. The principle is simple: bikes are immersed in water, and a teacher is there to motivate you to pedal faster and faster. With the resistance of the water, your endurance and your energy are strained. This sport is ideal to spend and find curved legs. Notice to the amateurs of tonic sports!

Running in the water: aquarunning

If you like to run, you will love the aquarunning ! Also called aquajogging, it is practiced in a shallow basin or in deep water thanks to a vest to float. The higher the water level, the greater the effort. This sport is ideal for those who want to get into the race smoothly, the water reducing the risk of injuries such as breakdowns, stiffness or muscle stretching.

To move and to develop muscle: the aquagym

We no longer present this sport star pools and sports clubs. The movements are performed in the water with a gym teacher and are more or less toned. Accessories are often used to firm or strengthen the muscles. Aquagym is ideal to get back to the sport because it is offered at different levels of practice and practice in water prevents aches and injuries. In addition, you do not need to know how to swim.

Swimming with fins

Feeling like a fish in the water is also possible thanks to swimming with fins. In a few movements, you feel your fluid progression in the water and you disconnect with reality. Not only is the swimming with the fins very nice, but it also allows the legs, and especially the thighs, which are more stressed than in a classic swimming. This is a sport that will make you a beautiful leg!

Back ache? Think of the crawl!

Back pain would be the evil of the century. One of the doctors’ recommendations for people who suffer from it is to muscle their backs. The crawl is the perfect swim to fortify his back, and especially the back crawl which helps to strengthen the muscles of the abdominals. Do not hesitate to take classes with swimmers to master this swim which nevertheless requires training and endurance.

For the upper body, think about breaststroke

If you want to develop the muscle of the upper body, practice breaststroke. It is the simplest swim, and it is often the one that we learn first. This swim will allow you to develop the muscle of your pecs and thus keep breasts toned. The butterfly breaststroke is also excellent, but more difficult and reserved for well-trained swimmers.

At the pool, vary the pleasures

Finally, do not forget that the most important thing is to have fun! Vary the swim, try different activities and you will find the one that suits you best. Simple beats (like scissors) are beneficial for your buttock muscles for example. The municipal swimming pools, numerous and inexpensive, offer many activities near you. Swimming has many advantages, not to mention the relaxing effects of water on our body. So do not hesitate: to lose weight, dive !

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