Walking Daily To Lose Weight Permanently

Walking Daily To Lose Weight Permanently

Walking to lose weight, how to do it? There are several types of steps, and some workout rhythm to respect to burn calories, but also refine your body and be healthier. Our explanations and tips for a walk that promotes weight loss!

Walking Daily To Lose Weight Permanently

Does walking make you lose weight permanently?

Walking to lose weight, yes, it is possible, and it is often considered the sport of reference for weight loss. But most often, the loss of calories is compensated automatically by an increase in appetite… which leads us, more or less consciously, to eat more!
But walking also helps people to feel their bodies better, and in particular, for what interests us, their food sensations: we eat more to make up for the expenses, but that does not mean that we eat too much! In this way, by eating just what we need, we have a good chance of stabilizing at its equilibrium weight.
In short, walking helps to lose weight, refine your figure, is good for your health and prevents cardiovascular disease, fights stress. It helps to muscle and therefore to refine your silhouette. It encourages listening to its food sensations and stabilization at the equilibrium weight .
But, it is not enough to solve all your problems and work on eating behavior, as well as possibly on emotional diet is needed.

What type of walk?

There are 5 types of walking, according to their rhythm and their cardio load (which you can measure with a heart rate monitor).

1. Slow walking

Its speed is less than 5 km / h, with a comfortable heart rate: 50 to 60% of your HRmax. This is the most favorable step for joints.
Remember that the maximum heart rate (HRm) is the maximum number of beats your heart is capable of per minute, without nuisance. It is given by the formula: HRmax = 207 – (0.7 x age) or, less precisely, but easier to calculate: HRmax = 220 – age. You can measure it more precisely with a heart rate monitor.

2. Normal walking

Its speed is between 5 and 6 km / h, with an HRmax of 60 to 70%. It is the walk of beginners, not athletic, sedentary, overweight.

3. Fast walking

Its speed is between 6 and 10 km / h, the HRmax exceeding 70%. Sportive is walking that consumes energy: 1h of practice is equivalent to 1h of gym fitness!

4. Nordic Walking

It is practiced on several speeds, from slow to fast, and different types of terrain. Two sticks help to force the pace. It is a walk that sculpts the silhouette and forces your body to consume its energy reserves: up to 3 times more than running!

5. Alternate walking

Also called fractional walking, it consists of alternating 5 minutes of slow walking to normal and 5 minutes of brisk walking. This is the easiest, very effective way to lose weight!
How much time to lose weight?
It is considered that 30 minutes of daily walking are a minimum health issue. But, 1 hour of walking every day is certainly much more beneficial, without being too demanding.

Walking to lose weight with a workout example

Here is an alternate walking training that you can practice 30 mn a day.
Warm up.
Start with 10 minutes of slow walking.
Then alternate 5 minutes of fast walk and 5 minutes of slow to normal walking for 20 minutes.

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