Warm-Up In Bodybuilding

Warm-Up In Bodybuilding

Warm-up is a low-intensity activity, mandatory for all sportsmen. It must be an integral part of your bodybuilding session. Often neglected or minimized, practitioners who do not get hot are numerous. It is often summed up in a few lighter sets (two or three) of the first exercise of musculation practiced.

Warm-Up In Bodybuilding
It is true that it is rather annoying to ask a moment on the cardio machines, one has the impression to waste time and energy while the cast is waiting for us.
But, if you care about your health, do not skip the warm-up , it is indispensable and you have everything to gain.

One distinguishes the general heating of the specific heating. You can warm your body in general with activities such as walking, jogging at a moderate pace, jumping rope or more specifically using exercises that solicit and prepare the part of the body Which will work the most.

For example, if you are going to work the torso, rower on machines and a few sets of abdominals without force will do the trick. On the other hand, to prepare a weight training session that will involve the lower limbs, a few minutes of stepping, jumping or walking on carpets are a good choice to warm you up.

What is the purpose of the warm-up?

Warm-up is important for several reasons, including the following:

  • It mainly reduces the risk of injury and increases muscle performance.
  • It serves above all to raise the body and muscular temperature by a few degrees (39 ° c), activating the blood circulation. Thanks to this elevation of temperature, the muscles, tendons and the nervous system will be put in the best conditions.
  • It therefore prepares the cardiovascular system (heart, arteries), respiratory (lungs), nervous (tendons, CNS) and musculoskeletal (muscles, joints) has a higher activity.
  • It makes it possible to enter the sporting activity and to concentrate better on what one does. Often, at the beginning of your session, you still think about your day or your problems. The warm-up then has a transitional role and allows to concentrate psychologically only on the physical activity.

In short, we have everything to gain to warm up!

What do we do then?

Already the warm-up must be gradual, and we must increase the pace gradually. It should last about 15 minutes but depends on the intensity of activity and other factors that are discussed below.
As indicators of a good warm-up, there is a slight sweating, the need to undress and the feeling of heat on the skin (redness in the face). One can possibly take his pulse to check. A heart rate of 120 pulses per minute is recommended.
Other factors have to be taken into account such as:


If it is cold (winter), the warm-up will be longer because it will take longer to raise the temperature of the body. It will also be necessary to adapt his clothes to stay warm. For example, some gym rooms are so little heated in the winter that you have to train in a pull. Be careful not to undress to put you shirtless during your session when the weather is cool, you will cool quickly and you may be hurt (contractures, torticollis).
If it is hot, the warm-up will be shorter. In this case we must protect ourselves from the sun and its misdeeds if we are outside, and also to think about to hydrate well.
If it rains, the clothes will have to protect you. It is better to warm yourself inside.


The time of strength training has an influence on the warm-up. It is necessary to warm up more if you train in the morning on waking or after the nap.


Warm-up should be even more gradual if you are older.

Beware of excess! Over-heating or over-heating may result in resource depletion by reducing energy stocks and producing waste. This becomes a cardio training session and we find ourselves emptied and unable to carry out its strength training program.
It is also important not to wait too long after warming up, because after a certain time the effects of the heating will decrease. So do not drag too much!

Stretching as a warm-up?

It is necessary to warm up before stretching. Without warming up the muscles and ligaments are cold and the risk of injury increases.
As for warm-up, the relaxation exercises should be progressive. Once the warm-up is complete, stretch. A few movements will suffice and we will keep the bulk of the work of stretching rather for the end of the bodybuilding session.

And at the end of the bodybuilding session?

Generally we recommend a return to calm after his sporting activity. For example, after an intense jogging you can walk a little so that your heart rate and your temperature drop gradually.
To complete the bodybuilding a good stretching session is ideal. It will not only aim to improve joint and muscle flexibility but will relax the muscles and optimize your recovery.

Example of warm-up for bodybuilding

Here is an example of warm-up for a back session:

  • 10 minutes of rowing without forcing.
  • Power reels, pelvis and neck rotations, to prepare the joints.
  • Back, biceps, back thigh and lumbar stretch .
  • 2 or 3 light sets of Close grip pulldown, before attacking the body weight pulls for example.

Allow 20 minutes to do everything.

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