Weight loss options for morbidity obese

Weight loss options for morbidity obese

The morbid obesity (BMI>40 kg/m2) affects 6 % of the population in the United States of America. It is a serious illness and you cannot fight against by a simple diet. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers moreover that the bariatric surgery is the only really effective treatment against the morbid obesity. Here are some weight loss options for morbidity obese which will allow you to be in a good dynamics.

Weight loss options for morbidity obese

Food behavior

It is important that you become aware of your current food behavior. How many calories do you ingest every day? If you have no idea, it is necessary to keep a diary foods.

Begin the exercise

Increase your daily physical activity to wake your metabolism and make so that your body begins burning more calories.

Do not settle too ambitious objective, the simple fact of walking 10 to 15 minutes by day, is very perfect. The aim is the regularity and not the performance.

Here are four options to walk more every day:

  • Go down from the bus or from the subway a stop before your destination,
  • Have a walking break every day before or after your lunch,
  • Install a pedometer application on your smartphone. The aim is to achieve 10.000 daily steps,
  • When you make your shopping, get used to parking far from the entrance.

Manage your stress

If you want to “snacker” during day, try to exchange food fat for a slice of ham accompanied with some almonds and with a fruit.

It’s better to channel these sudden desires towards healthy food and to avoid the sugar-sweetened foods or the salted foods.

Prevent your entourage

It is important to prevent your family and your friends of your decision to fight the morbid obesity. The road is long and these latter will be a source of help and of comfort which you will need.

It can also be interesting to register you on a morbid obesity forum or on a local group to be able to discuss and to exchange with people suffering from the same disease as you.

Make a cure of morbid obesity

If you decide the surgical operation, it can asked to you to make a cure to come down under a weight allowing the operation to take place in the best possible conditions.

Drugs to lose weight

It is necessary to take some drugs to help you to fight your obesity.

The only drugs under prescription authorized for the fight against obesity is Xenical and its generic version Orlistat.

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