What are the causes of Obesity?

What Are The Causes Of Obesity?

Obesity intervenes when the individual eats more calories than he doesn’t spend it. There is an imbalance between an insufficient physical activity and a food too high in calories. However, there are other factors which can influence this weight gain. Thus, what are the causes of obesity?

What Are The Causes Of Obesity?

The obesity and the overweight are due to several factors such as the energy imbalance, the heredity or the insufficient physical activity.

Behavioral causes

The fundamental cause of the obesity is an energy imbalance between the consummate and spent calories. Indeed, we attend in:

  • A bigger consumption of food, very high in calories, rich in fats and sugars but poor in vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients;
  • An absence of physical activity because of the sedentary nature of numerous working forms, the evolution of transport mode and the urbanization.


For a long time the heredity was not considered as a cause of obesity. Today, it is proved that the heredity is responsible for the obesity.

A person has more chance to gain weight if one of their family is obese. The causes are numerous: metabolism, genetic predispositions, bad food education and unhealthy lifestyle within the family or friendly circle.

Psychological disorders

The risk of overweight and obesity is multiplied at the people suffering from depression or stress, or living an event as a death, a divorce or a dismissal.

Eating disorders can be at the origin of a case of obesity. It is the case of the bulimia and the hyperphagia.


There is no drugs at the origin of a weight gain.

However, certain medical treatments modify the satisfaction and must be accompanied with a healthy lifestyle for not to engender an excess weight. It is the case of corticoids, contraceptive pill and treatments of the menopause.

Sanitary causes

The exhibition with multiple chemical substances, during the critical periods of the child development (perinatal period, early childhood) is evoked among the hypotheses which would allow to explain the increase of the incidence of certain pathologies such as the obesity.

The children under 3 years old are at greater risks to be obese. Because they are particularly exposed to the toxic phtalates used in toys and other plastic equipment.





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