What Diseases Are Caused by Obesity?

What Diseases Are Caused by Obesity?

The obesity increases strongly the risks of developing certain diseases. So, in this article, we will see what diseases are caused by obesity.
What diseases are caused by obesity?

According to the World Health Organization, in the world, 45 % of the diabetes, 22 % of the ischemic heart disease and from 8 % to 42 % of certain cancers are attributable to the overweight and the obesity.


Today, the diabetes is the most spread complication of the obesity in the world.

The excess of the adipose tissue is the origin of the diabetes in the case of the obesity. This tissue produce free fatty acids which are going to perturb the action of the insulin. This hormone is going to be less effective-insulin-resistance  and the glycemia is not going to be any more regulated. It is a vicious circle, because this resistance promote the storage of fats and block out their use.

Cardiovascular diseases

The obesity is the origin of a deposit of fat on the internal walls of blood vessels feeding the vital organs. This deposit block out the blood from reaching the heart or the brain. And so causes cardiovascular diseases such as the infarcts and the cerebrovascular accident (CVA). The arterial hypertension, linked to obesity, can also be a risk factor. If the obesity arises prematurely, the cardiovascular risk will be more important.

We know that the abdominal fat so called visceral fat, which is inside our stomach between organs, would be the most fatal for our health. A waist size upper to 39.37 inch for man and to 34.64 inch for woman (except the pregnancy) is associated with a greater risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Sleep Apnea syndrome

The sleep apnea is a respiratory disease which can have grave consequences on the health. It is manifested by involuntary stops of the breathing during the sleep because the passage of the air in respiratory tracts is blocked. In every apnea, which can last between 10 and 30 seconds, the heart and the brain undergo stress. The sleep is so perturbed and it is mainly translated by fatigue at awakening, headaches or slumber during the day.

This phenomenon is partially understandable by the fat deposit at the level of the respiratory system which would cause a respiratory flow decrease or its stop. About 45 % of obese persons are concerned and 73 % of the patients suffering by a sleep apnea symptom are obese.

Articulation or joint disease

The excess weight increases the pressure on all the articulations which wear the body. It can lead to articular diseases such as the osteoarthritis.

They are characterized by the destruction of the cartilage which extends to all the structures of the joint, especially the bone. The cartilage, which hides osseous extremities of joint and allows them to slide the one on the other one, loses in thickness, cracks and eventually disappears, pulling pains and major handicap with mobility loss.

All the joints can undergo these consequences, but the most frequent osteoarthritis is the one of the knee, so called the gonarthrosis. If the weight is excessive, the risk to suffer later from an osteoarthritis of the knee will be more important.


All the studies converge to show that the overweight is a risk factor of certain cancers (breast, colon, digestive system).

The recurrence risks of the second cancers are also increased in case of overweight. So, the obese women at the diagnosis time of breast cancer have a mortality risk increased by 33 % compared with the non-obese women.

Many more studies also established a link between obesity and cancer of kidney, pancreas, endometrium and the gallbladder.

Psychological and social consequences

The obesity is difficult to live with, whether it is physically, socially and psychologically. Besides the embarrassment to make the movements of the everyday, the obese people are sometimes subject to a discrimination within the society, especially in the employment field. They can then feel a stress and can develop a depression, what deteriorates their eating behavior disorders. It is thus a real vicious circle.

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