What Do You Know About Cheat Meal?

What Do You Know About Cheat Meal?

Generally, following a low calorie diet is not easy because of temptation, hunger or low morale. It can also isolate you socially and fatigue yourself.

At the end of the day, the diet becomes difficult to hold. Fortunately, there is a safety valve: the cheat meal. It is a meal, or even a full day, during which you can let go and eat what you like. It’s a concept that can be frightening when trying to lose as much fat as possible or want to keep the shape. Yet, it has many benefits and can even help you.

What Do You Know About Cheat Meal

Cheat meal boosts your metabolism

One of the main problems of the low-calorie diet is that your body eventually get used to it. To respond to calorie restriction, it will slow down its metabolism, especially by reducing the secretion of certain hormones. Now this phenomenon is counterproductive for you since you want to have a very active metabolism to burn as many calories as possible.

The interest of this meal or day of relaxation is to send a message to your organization to make it clear that you are not really lacking calories, that there are no reasons To decrease its metabolism. Cheat meal allows you to maintain a metabolism high enough to continue to lose weight.

Cheat meal restores your glycogen reserves

When we restrict ourself to eating in order to lose fat, the organism does not only draw from its adipose reserves. It also begins its reserves of glycogen, especially if you practice bodybuilding or even worse, cardio. This has several consequences such as decreased performance, but also a feeling of fatigue that can be as much physical as mental.

The effect is perverse since the less you have glycogen in reserve, the more tired you are, the lower your performance and the more muscle you lose. What you want to avoid at all costs. The worst thing is that the more you lose muscle, the lower your metabolism and the harder you will get to slim down.

Cheat meal therefore has this important function of filling your glycogen reserves in order to decrease the impact of the diet on your performance and your muscle wasting.

Cheat meal will reboost you mentally

The influence of caloric restriction on your morale should not be underestimated. This can actually make you sad and depressed. This is how your motivation can quickly decrease and make you give up your diet.
By granting you a day of relaxation, or simply a cheat meal, from time to time, you release the pressure of the diet. So, you keep your motivation intact and this allows you to continue in the right direction.

Cheat meal reduces stress

Just as with decreasing motivation, the diet can subject you to intense stress and even make you irascible. It is a period that is difficult mentally and will therefore require a great will. By taking a meal or a bonus day, you open the safety valve to relieve your stress.

Cheat meal improves your social life

Finally, as you may have already noticed, a balanced low-calorie diet is hardly compatible with outings among friends or family. Restaurant food rarely fits well into your diet, especially fast food, and alcohol is quite excluded.
It is thus that we end up cutting off the world in order to be able to reach our goal.

However, do we really have to get there and sacrifice friendship and family ties to lose a few pounds? No, of course, it is not an obligation!
Thanks to the cheat meals, you can very well grant you a restaurant in the week or to make a small party on the weekend. So, you can stay connected with those you love instead of becoming a hermit.

When to take his cheat meal and what to eat?

There is no definite rule. The cheat meal can be a dinner like a lunch or breakfast. You can then eat what made you crave all week and indulge yourself. Obviously, you do not have to go into a food orgy. The important thing is simply to make a meal without taking the head and eating a little more than usual.

The other way to do this is to give you a full day break, usually on weekends. During this day, you leave aside your food plan and you eat without worrying about it. It is better to avoid over-eating at all meals. Do not force yourself, but try to relax without thinking too much about your diet.

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