What Is The Best Sport To Lose Weight And How To Choose?

What Is The Best Sport To Lose Weight And How To Choose?

Physical activity is beneficent, essential and unavoidable to lose weight. In addition to burning calories, it makes the cutaneous and muscular tissues denser, firmer, replacing the fat by muscle. It is a virtuous circle that is established because a muscular body spends more energy, even at rest, sitting on his bench or lying on his bed. Doing sports to lose weight is therefore essential. But which one?

What Is The Best Sport To Lose Weight And How To Choose

Before starting to practice a sport, it is important, first of all, to get to know your body well. To do this, it is necessary to begin with simple exercises that allow to solicit, to awaken, to work all the muscles.

Utility of the exercises to lose weight

It is necessary to learn to position well in order to carry out, without danger, the basic movements. Several articles published on the site of LineCoaching explain how to work each muscle group in detail with the appropriate placements. So what exercises to lose weight ?

Squat is a basic exercise for Thighs and buttocks

– The sheathing, on the elbows and the knees, is another to find a firm belly

– Make large reels with arms with dumbbells of half a kilo or small bottles of water, to refine his arms

– A few dynamic climbs of knees that will solicit the heart.

It is only subsequently that a specific cardiovascular sport can be practiced. It must be understood that, as with all learning, it is necessary to “begin with the beginning”.

Pounds are an inevitable constraint

Overweight has a detrimental effect on the joints of the knees and hips. This is why it is better to lose a few pounds before moving to endurance sports whose impacts can be detrimental. It is only once the exercises are carried out with more or less ease that a general activity will be instituted. This will then be a real pleasure. It is obvious that the possible joint suffering experienced during a training, must absolutely be heard. Indeed, it should not trivialize the “SOS” of his body. In case of severe pain, a treatment oriented towards phytotherapy, homeopathy or essential oils will be well tolerated .

Does sports make you lose weight?

In the opinion of specialists, physical exercise in a moderate way does not mechanically lose weight, at least on the scale. Indeed, on the scale of the week, the energy expenditure is compensated automatically by an increase of the appetite. But the benefits are elsewhere: fat mass is replaced by lean mass, we refine our silhouette, we tone our body, we take to love it more, to listen to it and even, why not, to listen to its Feelings of hunger and satiety.

All this is good for morale and the joy of living returns. That’s what makes you lose weight. In addition, if moderate exercise (2-3 sessions per week of one to two hours) does not necessarily reduce weight, it is proven that it is essential to prevent weight gain.

What are the “typical” sports to improve his silhouette?

Exercises to lose weight should be performed on a certain rhythm. And even if the first reflex is to say “I am going to run to lose weight”, it must be understood that this is not the only activity advocated. A short tour with a non exhaustive list:

bike for the lower body;

– the course of aquagym which has a draining, lifting action, softening on the skin tissues;

– the step course which activates the heart and respiratory system, which reinforces coordination and tones the thighs, buttocks and abdominals;

climbs such as slopes, stairs … walking and then more dynamic;

cross-country skiing to combine the “good air”, snow and melting of excess pounds;

swimming . To this is added the jogging which, however, by the impacts on the body, are not the most suitable for beginners and sedentary. A certain general musculature must first be formed so that the muscles perform their support role at the articular level. It is therefore advisable to add small strides gradually and sparingly in terms of general training. Nothing beats sweetness and self-respect to progress in its goals. So what sport to lose weight will be your choice?

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