What’s The Cost Of Obesity In The USA?

What’s The Cost Of Obesity In The USA?

In the world, the economic cost of the obesity is estimated at 2000 billion dollars. What’s the cost of obesity in the USA?

What’s The Cost Of Obesity In The USA

The obesity costs every year to the American economy at least $ 215 billion. It is about the direct costs as
those of the medical expenses, or indirect as those connected to the loss of productivity.

Medical cost

According to the conclusions of Brookings Institution, Reflection center of Washington, the medical costs linked to adult obesity exceed $ 147 billion every year those concerning the healthy adults. For the children obese, the additional cost amounts to $ 14.3 billion. “The medical costs enormously increased during the last decade and could continue to increase, maybe in an important way, with the increase of the proportion of obese subjects among the adults and the children in the United States “, write the researchers whose study is appeared in the journal named Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrom and Obesity: Targets and Therapy.

Productivity cost

Besides these expenses which are directly linked to it, the obesity engenders the costs in terms of productivity loss, of absenteeism and of handicap. But also because of the premature death of those who suffer from it. “The total costs in terms of productivity are probably substantial, reaching maybe $ 66 billion by one year in the United States”, write Ross Hammond and Ruth Levine, from economic studies division of Brookings.

Transport cost

The transport costs could be also allocated, for example because of the passenger’s weight borrowing the air connections. “The increase of the body mass among the Americans means more of fuel, and potentially of bigger vehicles to transport every year the same number of people who go to the work or who travel “, insist the researchers.” It leads direct costs (in form of a greater consumption of fuel) but also potential indirect costs, in the form of greenhouse gas additional emissions “.

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