4 Yoga Exercises Indispensable For Eyes

4 Yoga Exercises Indispensable For Eyes

Eye yoga is an activity more necessary than ever for the contemporaries of the 21st century. Torn between the screens of laptops, computers and televisions, the muscles of our eyes are indeed exploited as never before. These everyday devices force our eyes to concentrate intensely at a very short distance. Now, our eyes are not made to be solicited so long and in this way.

Yoga Exercises Indispensable For Eyes

This inappropriate use causes vision problems, itching, tearing, headaches and other eye symptoms. Worse, it causes premature aging of the eyes and vision.

Fortunately, simple exercises can help relieve and energize the eyes. Several yoga currents, like the Sivananda, but also some ophthalmologists have integrated eye yoga in their recommendations in order to preserve the youth of the eyes. When practiced calmly, these exercises will help rest the over-used muscles, reduce tension in the face and eyes, and help strengthen the muscles needed for focusing.

Long-term eye yoga improves the flexibility of the eye muscles which will allow them to better resist the stresses to which they are subjected. This will also preserve their proper functioning in spite of the passage of time.

Below, the 4 most effective exercises for eye strengthening.

1- Oscillations Of  The Look

This exercise of eye yoga especially allows to improve the suppleness of the eye muscles.

– Sit and relax your spine.

– Try to soften your eyes by releasing the muscles of your eyes and face.

– Without moving your head, direct your gaze towards the ceiling.

– Rotate your eyes clockwise, drawing a circle as large as possible and looking at the objects in your periphery.

– Repeat this movement three times, then close your eyes and relax.

– When you are ready, perform the same movement, but this time in the opposite direction.

2- The Focus Index

Accommodation at the distance is the most frequent movement of the eyes. Fixing an object too long like a screen or wearing glasses can make our eye muscles lazy. This exercise will correct this trend.

– Standing, motionless and the right body, hold one arm in front and unroll your thumb.

– Never leaving your thumb with your eyes making a round-trip to / from your body.

– Repeat the operation 10 to 15 times.

3- Hands On Eyes

– Rub both your hands together for 10 to 15 seconds until you feel warmth and energy circulating in them.

– Then place your hands on the eyes, making sure that the ends of the fingers reach the forehead.

The palms of the hands should touch the cheeks. Do not try to touch your eyes directly, just let your hands cover them and preserve them from the light. The darkness and the magnetism of the hands will have a positive energy effect. So let your hands act for several seconds or minutes as long as you feel their effectiveness.

4- Eye Closure

– Close your eyes firmly for 3 seconds.

– Release the pressure for about ten seconds.

– Repeat the operation several times.

This exercise causes a deep relaxation of the muscles of the eyes. It is ideal at the end of yoga session of the eyes.


By practicing these eye strengthening exercises, you will help combat the fatigue and premature aging of your eyes. Some people even use eye yoga to keep their eye capabilities despite the years.

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