Zumba: Trendy Dance!

Zumba: Trendy Dance!

If you like fitness and you also like Latin dances , it’s good. For Zumba is exactly at the crossroads of these two universes. This activity is the result of the imagination of choreographer Beto PEREZ, also a fitness instructor in Colombia. One day that he had forgotten his music tapes for his aerobics class, he decided to improvise with what he had at hand: a salsa cassette! This is how Zumba was born, whose success has been dazzling.

Zumba Trendy Dance

The success of the Zumba

Today, Zumba has traveled around the world. It is found in sports halls, dance evenings and also on TV and in games.

This success is not really surprising because the Zumba mixes a festive dance with a lively music , all while spending. So it’s a very positive activity that does good. It releases tension, gives joy, brings greater self-confidence and can even improve a bit the silhouette. In short, we have fun and we move his body on a Latin rhythm. That can only please.

Moreover, it is an activity open to all because there are several levels of difficulty and even special courses for children or seniors. Everyone can practice it. There is not even need to know how to dance before getting started. Because the Zumba offers a choreography to learn, it’s not improvisation. Nobody is lost in the middle of the class because everyone knows what to do.

The progress of Zumba course

Zumba does not really compare to other group lessons you can find in a gym, like the step or the aero. The principle is a session during which you learn and repeat a choreography on Latin music. This choreography connects the dance and fitness movements according to the rhythm of the soundtrack. After a while, the muscles end up burning a little and especially, you spend. The difference with another course is undoubtedly even more good mood because the Latin music brings a festive atmosphere.

Obviously, before you start, you must choose the right course. Zumba is a registered trademark and teachers are trained before they can teach. However, this training is very short. There may therefore be a difference in proficiency of the teacher following the course. The best thing is to inform you beforehand and see if there are people in front of the room. If people are hurrying to participate in this Zumba course, it must be of good quality!

However, be careful to choose a course of your level. Gyms usually offer classes for beginners.If you are in this case, so much start out there in order to put you at ease, especially if you are not used to dancing or playing sports.

The advantages of Zumba

Zumba has the great advantage of being attractive because it is not presented as a fitness class but rather as a choreographed dance class. When you go for the first time, you begin to learn the first steps, slowly, then these steps are linked and you find yourself dancing in rhythm and to spend you without realizing it. And yes ! It’s a fitness course! Even if it does not have certain aspects that can repel the less athletic. That is to say the effort for the effort, without real source of motivation to support it.

Zumba is therefore an activity that can allow you to burn calories and tone your muscles while having fun. It is a good way to practice physical activity without being too restrictive.

In addition, dance and Latin music add to this playful and jubilant aspect that brings great joy in practice. The emotions conveyed by Zumba are very positive and have the particularity of reducing stress and releasing tensions. There are few sports activities that bring so much well-being.

In short, if you want to work, improve your silhouette, have a good time in music and share this moment with other people, the Zumba is for you!

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