10 Challenges for Partners After Training

10 Challenges for Partners After Training

Training completed? Challenge your bodybuilding partner with these tests and find out who’s the strongest.

Of course, your workout is over. But that does not mean that you do not have enough strength to challenge your training partner in a small friendly competition. It’s a great way to push your motivation to the next level.

We spoke with Ben Musholt, a physiotherapist from Portland, and the founder of Strength Mob and BPM Rx Inc., about some simple ways to challenge your gym partner and yourself. When you think you’re empty, test yourself, and you’ll be surprised how much strength you still have.

1- Pushup Game

The first person starts with 10 pushups. The second person must in addition to the 10, make as many additional pushups as possible. The next person makes the difference between the two sets, and adds a few extra repetitions: you must maintain a thrust position for the duration of the game, without letting your knees touch the ground. The game runs continuously, and is won by the one who completes all the pushups and does not collapse.

2- Holding in a squatting position

Move away from your partner and place yourself in a squat position, hips and knees in 90 ° flexion. Do not get shot. The guy who can keep the squat as long as possible, without getting up or down, wins the challenge.

3- Single Leg Bench Sitdown

Sit side by side on a weight bench and keep one leg elevated. Start standing together on one leg, keeping the pace at an easy pace. The last person on one leg wins.

4- Pull up

The challenge begins with a person who simply pulls on a fixed barbell. The next person performs a pullup, then adds a second pullup or other snapping motion. Mix with slam pullups or circular pullups. The game is gradually built into a longer sets of suspension motions, and ends when one of the partners can not match the last move.

5- Hold in tense support

Stand with a stand against a wall, facing out. Lock your arms and sit down. Whoever can stay longer wins the challenge.

6- Towel Workout

Find free space. Put yourself on board and place an old towel under your feet. Slip into a board position, pulling with your arms, as far as you can. The person completing the most laps wins.

7- Lateral Raises

Pick one side, and put yourself in position. Raise your leg as long as you can. The longest time wins.

8- Walk on the wall

Start with a board, feet on the floor, near a wall. Move your hands towards the wall and feet up, to finish with your chest against the wall while standing. Ramp to the starting position.

9- V-sit

Sit on the floor and raise your legs up, so that you are balanced in position V, with the arms raised too. Wait as long as possible. The winner stays the longest.

10- Wall Sit with Support

Take a 4-kg plate and find an empty space on the wall. Sit against the wall, hips and knees bent 90 degrees. Lift the weight plate over the head, arms straight. Sit in this position until you are standing. The last man in position is the champion.


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