3 Best Tips to Fight Stress

3 Best Tips to Fight Stress

To fight against stress no need to resort to the strong method! Discover our 3 tips to relax gently.

Some unscrupulous athletes use beta-blockers to improve their ability to concentrate and reduce the effects of stress. And if you relax legally thanks to the tips presented below?

A piece of black

The consumption of dark chocolate decreases the level of stress hormones, according to a study published in the Journal of Proteome Research, in 2009. All participants in this work were first identified as being very or very anxious, based on their answers to a questionnaire assessing the level of anxiety. Then they were invited to consume 20 g of dark chocolate, twice a day (for morning and afternoon snacks). Blood and urine samples were collected before, during and after testing. As a result, the urinary secretion of cortisol and catecholamine metabolites, two important categories of stress hormones, was lower after consuming dark chocolate in the most anxious people!

Cold minishower

Reassemble your sleeves and put your wrists under cold water for 60 seconds. According to a study published in the journal Physiological Research, this would lower your internal temperature and help slow your heart rate. Zen!

Perfume of victory

Several studies show that the smell of lavender is soothing. It helps relieve anxiety states, according to work published in the journal Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience.

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