Can You Be Fit Without Playing Sports?

Can You Be fit Without Playing Sports?

Without a true passion for sport in general or for a particular sport, can we be physically fit? Between physical activities, sports activities or varied practices, it is easy to keep fit.

Can You Be fit Without Playing Sports

Marinette tells Sophie that she likes to go to tennis on Saturday. Sophie does not have time to devote herself fully to her favorite sport, swimming. “You should play sports, otherwise you will not be fit and you will grow! “Insists Marinette. Sophie hesitates: Saturday morning is the only time she could go to the pool but she accompanies her daughter to the piano, by bike, and it is between them a privileged moment. Would it be better for his fitness to go swimming?

From physical activity to sports, move!

Sophie says she does not play sports . This does not mean that she has no physical activity. She has real day-to-day activity, walking to her office or playing with children. Without sporting in particular, it is spent on large football games with children: it is already a sporting activity.

Whether you’re playing a particular sport, whether you’re a jockey, or you’re pedaling for 30 minutes a day to go to work, getting on a regular basis keeps your fitness in mind. Simple physical activity or sporting activity, the important thing is to put your body in motion by finding pleasure.

What is commonly called sport is a form of play with its own rules, which implies a regularity in a more or less intense activity. It requires learning of concentration and more investment in time and motivation. Tennis, or dancing, requires a strong investment. But putting your body in motion, if possible with a certain intensity and for a sufficient time, is in itself a physical activity allowing to unroll its muscles and its cardiovascular system. Half an hour a day of exercise that causes sweating is considered sufficient to maintain one’s health.

The interest of a varied practice

Sport, however, has advantages: it breaks with routine, and, in the personal investment it requires, helps to let go. By concentrating on his practice, as a small parenthesis, he frees himself of an accumulated stress. These moments for himself, alone or shared, are essential for well-being .

If you do not want to limit yourself to one sport, enjoy a variety of sensations and benefits. Practicing several sports or forms of physical exercise is the best way to vary the pleasures, to maintain his motivation, and to make work different parts of the body and different abilities.

Collective sports, extreme sports, endurance sports: all differ in what they bring us. Sports like running stimulate the heart and make the legs work. The dance improves so well the balance and coordination that some American football players complete their training by a few dance exercises. Yoga is not strictly speaking a sport, but it helps you to become aware of your body, to stretch it and to soften it, to better live it.

As recommended, vary activities several times a week to refine your shape and re- establish your body, better perceive it and, at the same time, better feel your food sensations. The cumulative benefits of practicing sports will be seen quickly, and your fitness will only improve. You will find the interest of different practices: cardio, muscle building, stretching

The practice of several sports or physical exercises also supports motivation by offering a variety of sensations: relaxing effect of Tai Chi or yoga, adrenaline rush of extreme sports, wonder of walking in the mountains. Adapt to your surroundings, and enjoy the Swedish gym indoors in the snow-shoeing room: far from being a constraint, sport is above all a pleasure. The pleasure of feeling alive.


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