Can You Eat Nuts Every Day Without Taking 1 Gram?

Can You Eat Nuts Every Day Without Taking 1 Gram?

Nuts can be added or substituted for other foods without risk to weight or waist circumference.

You can add a few nuts and oilseeds to your diet – or use them in snacks instead of other foods without gaining weight, according to a new meta-analysis of published studies.

Spanish researchers combined data from 31 trials conducted around the world. Results: On average, there is very little difference in weight or waist circumference between those who eat normally and those who enrich their diet with nuts.

The nuts used were various: walnuts, macadamia, pecan, cashew, Brazil …

The 31 trials enrolled volunteers who followed either a conventional diet or the same diet with extra nuts, or a diet in which nuts were substituted for other food products. The duration of the trials was between two weeks and five years.

On average, compared to a conventional diet, diets with nuts led to a weight loss of 640 grams and a decrease in waist circumference of 1.10 cm. However, these differences are not statistically significant and could therefore be due to chance.

These results show, however, that it is not necessary to eliminate nuts from his diet on the pretext that they would make you fat. Nuts can also reduce the feeling of hunger because of their unsaturated fats, fiber and protein.

Other studies have shown that nut consumption is associated with a reduced risk of death, high blood pressure, diabetes and insulin resistance.

How many nuts to consume? We advise eating ½ to 2 servings of nuts and oil seeds, unsalted and unroasted every day. 1 serving = 6 walnuts = 20 almonds = 1 tbsp (5 g) ground flaxseed.



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